Safety Tips for Self-Drive Holidays

11 December 2017

Whether you’re driving in a group, as a couple or on your own, self-drive trips offer a whole lot of opportunity for fun, road-trip memories and adventure around every turn. Even if they’re just a means of getting you to your destination, the journey behind a self-drive holiday is all part of the fun. But there are still important things to remember when planning and of course, during your trip.

Have a plan, even if it’s a rough one
At Flight Centre, we pride ourselves on being able to put together tailor-made itineraries that consider every detail, but the appeal of self-drive trips is often that travellers can take things as they come and take in the fun of their trip at their own pace. That’s why with self-drive holidays, we look after the accommodation and a few other things, but the journey itself is up to you! That said, it’s important to have your route mapped out, even if your timeline is a little vague. Know where you’re going to avoid getting lost or finding yourself in an area you don’t feel safe in.

Keep your valuables out of sight
This might seem like an obvious one, but if you haven’t planned on stopping anywhere only to come across something amazing that you need to stop for, you might not have considered that your valuables are out in the open for anyone walking past your car to see. Even if you decide to pack them away into the boot, you never know who might be paying attention. It’s safer to pack your valuables out of sight when you leave your original destination.

Understand what you are getting yourself into
If you’ve decided you’re not going to take your own car, but rather hire one, make use of an app such as Uber or Taxify, or depend on public transport, make sure you research the public transport properly. For example, South Africa has different types of taxis, such as minibus taxis or metered taxis, so be sure to ask a local for advice on which one to use depending on where you're going. If you’re hiring a car, you need to consider the type of car you’ll need. For example, will you need to drive on any dirt roads? Do you require lots of space for your luggage? These are important things to consider when deciding on how to get to your destination and how you’ll be getting around when you’re there. If you decide to use the likes of Uber or Taxify, make sure your phone is properly charged up and you've got the right cards loaded, or (in the case of a cash Uber) enough money. If you're travelling with friends, make use of your Uber or Taxify codes for first-time users to save some money on your trips too.

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