Paris Highlights

22 February 2012

There’s something about Paris that just oozes romance! And for this very reason I’ve had to add it to our blog posts for the month of love.

Eiffel Tower

So what’s to see for lovers in Paris (or Paree as it is pronounced in French)?  First things first - the Eiffel Tower!  For a 360-degree view of Paris, particularly at sunset this is a “must-see.”  Some history around the Eiffel Tower, it was built in 1889 and is still a staggering 324 metres high (about 81 storeys high) and has 3 levels for visitors.  Visit the Eiffel Tower to get an overview of Paris and yes it is romantic.

Paris Museums

A guided to tour the Louvre Museum is a must!  See the world famous Mona Lisa that we have all read about in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. Also be in the presence of other famous works of art & architecture such as The Louvre Palace and the Pyramid, and many other Egyptian Antiquities.

he Louvre Palace and the Pyramid

Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise

This is a popular cemetery in Paris; celebrity residents include Pissarro (painter), Apollinaire (poet) to name a few and Jim Morrison (lead singer for The Doors – rock band).  This is one of Paris’s main attractions; you don’t want miss walking amongst the dead in Paris do you?

Moulin Rouge Show in Paris

Yes we’ve all heard the song “Lady Marmalade” and we all closely associate it with Moulin Rouge.  This is one theatre that is not only famous in Paris, but across the world as well.  Make sure you make time to see the showgirls in action, it will be money well spent.

Paris Moulin Rouge

Shakespeare & Company

This is said to be Paris’ most popular English language book store.  The store has a wide variety of used & new English books that will take you English literature heaven.  Once you have finished browsing and have purchased your favourites, walk over to Le Procope and just relax with your book in hand and good French coffee in the other.

Paris Markets

The markets in Paris are loved by the locals; this is where most of them exchange culinary tips and shop.  However it’s mostly a place for residents to gather on a social level.  Visit any of the markets of Paris to capture the true essence of Paris.

If you just love Paris and don’t really care about ticking off a few things from your “Paris List” then just wander around take it all in!

Happy Travels!