Our experts top travel tips for staying safe when going on a holiday

15 December 2020

If you're heading off on your December break, no doubt you’re excited to have the end-of-year holiday season looming on the horizon once again! Never before have protocols been more important when travelling, or has travel involved more complexity.

Luckily the Flight Centre team of experts is here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

A good rule of thumb? Follow the same safety protocols you would at home – just more carefully. Often that carefree holiday feeling could make you forget things you’d usually do at home or when moving about in your neighbourhood.
Here are the Flight Centre Experts top tips to keep safe when on holiday:

Trust the operator and ask questions

New regulations ensure that tour operators and tourist attractions adhere to health and safety protocols. Do your part and adhere to social distancing regulations.

Choose self drive experiences or private tours

You can opt for private self-drive experiences and guided tours for greater social distancing and to explore South Africa, while supporting these small businesses and guides as well!

Comply with regulations

You may be expected to provide your contact details to the operator or when entering buildings, shops, restaurants and more.

Map out your travel schedule and plan your itinerary

We get it, sometimes spontaneity can be more fun when you’re traveling. But that’s way too risky with many unknown factors, depending on where you are. There are several things to consider. First things first: Choose the restaurants, attractions and experiences, shops, and establishments you deem safe to visit—and make reservations or bookings ahead of time.

The days of just "pitching up" and deciding "last-minute" what to do on your holiday, for now at least, are better replaced with some careful planning, with the help of your Flight Centre Travel Expert.

Avoid large gatherings

While avoiding contact with as many people as possible is preferred, it is the festive season. Minimise contact as much as possible and rather meet one on one or in small groups.

Download the COVID Alert SA app

The free app is safe and secure and can help you identify if you’ve been in contact with a person that has tested positive. It also won’t use any data. Download it today and before going on holiday.
Opt for contactless or self serve options wherever possible

A pen

With the increase of documentation and questionnaires to be completed throughout the travel process, ensure you have packed at least two pens.

Masks and hand sanitisers

Ensure you have packed at least two faces masks (one to wear while one is being washed and dried) and remember to bring a small packet of laundry detergent to clean the mask after each use.

Pack sufficient alcohol-based hand sanitiser, and it's wise to bring along a pair of gloves in case. Pack a few alcohol wipes, ensuring the alcohol content is above 60%.

Bring sufficient entertainment

There are no more inflight magazines on the plane - ensure you have downloaded an eBook or podcast to listen to during the flight or at the airport. Some airlines have made their magazines available for digital download. Check to see if the gym and spa may still be closed at your accommodation establishment, if this is the case, you may need to establish if there is one open close to your hotel to make a booking.

Choose outdoors over indoors

Being outdoors in the fresh air is much safer than being indoors. Wear a mask, adhere to social distancing regulations and get outdoors safely to explore South Africa.

What to do when you home

After you return home, continue to follow all the key precautions – including watching for any symptoms of COVID-19 and seeking medical advice if they develop.

Contact your Flight Centre Travel Expert to book your holiday.