Mysterious Turkey

Mysterious Turkey

31 March 2017

Due to its geographical location and the fact that it is bordered by 8 countries and situated on two continents, Turkey can attribute its fascinating culture and society to some of the most important ancient empires in the world including Greece, Rome, Persia, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. The country has a vast number of ancient ruins, temples, mosques, museums, markets and intriguing natural attractions which all make for a wonderful and memorable travel experience.

Turkish Delights

Not necessarily the sweets in this case, but you will of course find plenty of it on your visit to Turkey. Turkey is a delightful destination in so many ways. Whether it’s the fusion of east meets west, the national sport of oil wrestling, the ancient architecture, or the colourful and bustling markets where you can buy spices, textiles, clothing, local delicacies and more, Turkey is a destination that will capture your imagination.

Top attractions in Turkey

With ancient remains spread across the country from bygone eras of conquest, spectacular mountain ranges, a Mediterranean coastline, delightful cuisine, fascinating and exciting markets, Turkey is certainly not short of amazing things to see and do!

Hagia Sophia

Acclaimed as one of the most spectacular buildings in the world, the Hagia Sophia or Aya Sofya in Istanbul was built late in the 6th century. For roughly 900 years it was an Eastern Orthodox cathedral and the seat of Constantinople. As various conquests came to Istanbul, the building was converted to suit the conquerors, such as being converted into an Ottoman mosque and a Roman Catholic cathedral. Its domed ceiling with small windows lets the light shine down on ancient walls, domes, paintings and mosaics and you get an immense feeling of history, the struggles which have taken place over the centuries, and an immense sense of Turkish pride.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace in Istanbul is reminiscent of the Ottoman period in Istanbul’s history. It was used for nearly 400 years as a residence for Ottoman Sultans and with its turrets and pointy towers, the palace looks like something out of a fairy tale. Inside you’ll find a fascinating throne room, various arches with intricate paint designs, and an amazing collection of jewels. 


Head to south-west Turkey to a small town called Pamukkale which is famous for its unique and fascinating mineral rich pools cascading down a hillside. The terraced pools are as white as snow and made up of the carbonate minerals left behind by the flowing water. It’s the perfect place for taking a dip, shooting a few photos and relaxing in the warm Turkish sun.


Cappadocia looks like something from another planet, especially considering the way the homes stemming from the Bronze Age are carved into the cliffs, and the rock face churches are located in the Ihlara Canyon. Characterised by hundreds of massive cone shaped rocks, and ‘fairy tale chimneys’, the best way to see it all is by hopping into a hot air balloon at sunrise.


Arguably the best beach in Turkey is located on the shores of the town of Oludeniz. Surrounded by lush green mountains, crystal clear turquoise water and white sandy shores, if you want to visit a near perfect beach in Turkey, this is the place to be. A favourite activity in the area is to take in the views from high above with a tandem paraglide which really shows the immense beauty of the area.

From the bustling city of Istanbul, which is split by the Bosphorous River over two continents, to the amazing historical ruins, busy markets, and beautiful natural scenery, Turkey is a destination which offers a unique and exciting holiday full of culture, history, and fun activities. So, speak to your Flight Centre Consultant today to find out more!