Most Unique Cruise Themes

24 April 2013

Think that cruises are just for families and couples?  Not anymore! Nowadays, cruise lines are getting seriously creative with their itineraries offering everything from Geek (you didn't read that wrong) to Cougar (you didn't read that wrong either) to Vampire themed cruises.  Here’s a look at some of the strangest themed cruises out there.

Are you a Twilight fan?  Well here’s the cruise for you!  Check out the week-long vampire themed cruise from Seattle to the beautiful icy waters of Alaska.  Take in all the spectacular northern sights from Polar Bears to icebergs all while enjoying Vampire themed events on-board.  Coffins not included.

Cruising Cruise Ship

Sail with Royal Caribbean through stunning turquoise waters, enjoy a barbeque on the private beach of CocoCay and mingle with COUGARS!  That’s right, this cruise is for younger men/older women and offers 3 nights of non-stop fun aboard the Majesty of the Seas through the western Caribbean.  It’s positively predacious.

If you dream of exploring galaxies far away then Norweigan Cruise lines has got you covered.  Unite with fellow Trekkies on this stellar Caribbean cruise and even meet celebrities from your favorite Star Trek series who will sign autographs and watch the show with you!  In the words of Mr. Spock himself, “fascinating…”.

Can’t decide what to wear? Why not wear anything at all!  That’s allowed aboard Star Flyers luxury Best of the Baltic cruise or onboard Paul Ganguin’s Polynesia.  With an itinerary designed for those that enjoy the very finest in life, you can explore Sweden, Russia and French Polynesia.  Formal wear not required in the dining room.

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