Majestic Rome

29 February 2012

Rome has this “discover me” energy that cannot be explained.  It’s one place with many hidden treasure just waiting to be found.  So what’s exciting about Rome?

First on my list is the Roman Colosseum, I know what you thinking, err, tall, masculine gladiators right? If only it were that era again.  However, visit the Colosseum to witness its majestic architecture.  Though the structure has been slightly battered due to earthquakes and the ravages of time, it’s a must-see.

Next up, is the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi).  I would recommend a specific time to visit the fountain, as it gets very crowded.  I suggest you visit the fountain after hours; it is perfectly lit and gives the impression of an oasis.  Throw a coin or two whilst there and make wish, who knows it might come true (don’t quote me on this though).

The Vatican City

Once you’ve made your wish head on over to Scalinata della Trinità dei Mont a.k.a the Spanish Steps.  What’s special about the Spanish Steps? Well they only are the longest & widest staircase in Europe!  Yep 138 steps to climb and your prize for reaching the top is none other but a view of the monumental Trinità dei Monti church.

A visit to Rome wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Vatican City.  This independent state hosts the Sistine Chapel and the St. Peters Basilica, which are famous across the globe, not only for the history behind them, but also the art & architecture.  You can’t help but feel pure when walking through this state.  Ladies and gents are to be dressed decently and not in “skimpy” outfits when entering St. Peters Basilicas or the Sistine Chapel.  The buildings in the Vatican are kept safe by the Swiss Guards.  You won’t miss the Swiss Guards even if you tried too, their uniforms are somewhat different.

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Happy Travels!