Magical River Cruises

22 December 2017

Whenever someone mentions a cruise, the first thing that comes to mind is the open sea, gigantic ocean liners and thousands of people aboard a ship bigger than three rugby fields put together! However, a cousin of sorts to the ocean cruise, the humble river cruise is waiting to be enjoyed and explored by travellers who are less-concerned with the fuss of onboard activities, and more eager to see many destinations and explore the land rather than spend days on a ship. Here are the top three things we love most about river cruises.

Enjoy a more intimate experience
River Cruise Boats are often much smaller in capacity than their Ocean Cruise Line counterparts. This means that instead of rubbing shoulders with thousands of people, you usually only have 200 passengers or less to engage with. This also means that you get to spend more time with the captain and officers, which makes river cruising feel far more personal and often comes with more personalised and attentive service, especially when it comes to the butlers, concierges and bartenders.

See more
While ocean cruises often see you at sea for days at a time, river cruises take you from port-to-port, and you visit a new destination each day (sometimes even two), and up to four countries in a week! Then there’s also the simple fact that instead of seeing stretches of ocean, you’re able to see the gorgeous scenery of various destinations as it passes you by. Not only is a river cruise a sure way to see more, but also a sure way to do more. River cruise guests are able to pack in a great deal of sightseeing and key attractions, not to mention exciting itineraries and tours. Something river cruises are most popular for are the walking tours they provide, where you’re able to follow a knowledgeable guide who will share details of the city’s history and culture. The key thing to remember here is… pack comfy shoes.

Sailing is done at night
Go to bed in one place… wake up in another! You’ll hardly ever encounter days spent on the river where you cruise non-stop. Instead, the boats cruise at night and generally you’re only on the water for a couple of hours a day. The distances between ports are also surprisingly short, so you won’t miss out on too much while you’re catching up on some sleep. Docking right in town also means that when it is finally time to hop off your cruise, you won’t have the same long walk on a concrete pier to endure as you normally would with an ocean cruise. For travellers who fear getting sea-sick, you’ll also be pleased to know that there are fewer waves when travelling on a river cruise.

Ranging from 3-12 night river cruises in location such as Egypt and the Nile, Danube and Prague, Europe, Moscow and more. Get in touch with one of our Travel Experts today to find the river cruise that is perfect for you.