La Batalla del vino festival in Haro Spain

3 April 2018

The La Batalla del vino festival, or otherwise known as the wine fight, takes place each year at the end of June in the quaint little village of Haro, in the scenic region of Rioja, Spain.The origins of the festival date back to the 13th century, however nowadays it’s all about getting messy with red wine, as thousands of festival goers party the night away into the following day and literally have a massive wine fight.

What the La Batalla del vino festival is all about

The small village of Haro situated in the hills of Rioja comes to life as thousands of visitors and locals alike prepare for the annual wine fight. Haro is famous for its wine production and produces roughly 40% of the regions wine. Officially it’s a celebration of the town’s patron saint, Saint Pedro, but over the last 700 years it’s turned into one big, messy party that lasts two days and usually takes place during June.

What to expect at the La Batalla del vino festival

On the first night of the festival, visitors and towns people, both young and old, gather in the cobbled streets and squares and party the night away. There are loads of bars, music and more to keep the party going until the next day.

The following day, after little (or no) sleep, the party moves up a mountain roughly 5km away, and when everyone gets to the top, it’s time for the party to really start. At the top you’ll find live music, trucks filled with wine, people carrying buckets, water cannons, and anything else they can use to toss, throw and spray the wine over their opponents.

At about midday the party then moves back down the mountain and into the streets of the village again, where Dj’s play music, traditional dancing takes place, food is on sale, and all the bars are open for you to carry on partying for as long as you can.

Top Tips for the La Batalla del vino festival

  • Festival goers should wear white shirts with a red scarf
  • Leave your electronic devices in your hotel unless they’re water proof
  • Leave bad vibes at home, chill, get dirty and have fun
  • Don’t expect to wear any of the clothes worn on the day, ever again

The aim is simply to dance, cover each other in red wine and have a blast. It gets really messy as there are literally thousands of people who join in the festivities every year. This festival happens nowhere else in the world, and the Batalla del vino is considered as a national interest of Spain. Here is a sweet deal to the festival or speak to your Flight Centre Consultant to find out more about getting to the annual wine fight.