Kick the bucket list to the curb – just travel!

20 September 2017

It’s a big, wide world out there. Ever given much thought to what you still want to see? All too often people refer to their bucket-list holidays, never truly believing that they will ever embark on them.  But consider this: the thousands you’ve just spent on the latest mobile phone may have seen you sipping hot chocolate along the Seine, or witnessing the dancing Northern Lights.

Not yet sure which experiences and destinations you would like to tick off your travel bucket-list? Here are some great picks ’s top picks:


1. Meet Africa’s most famous primate

In your wildest dreams, could you imagine standing face-to-face with Africa’s most famous primate, the gorilla?

In Uganda, you can literally make your wildest dreams come true by meeting mountain gorillas and other amazing wildlife on an overland adventure.

Experience a world apart with G Adventures, as you make your way to Kalinzu Forest and join experienced trackers while travelling deep into the Ugandan forests for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spot endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.


2. Move to the rhythm of the dancing lights

Also known by its scientific name, aurora borealis, the Northern lights has mesmerised humanity for many centuries.

What makes the Northern Lights so spectacular is that no single occurrence is ever the same. The lights always reflect different patterns of colours. Equally interesting is that while the lights seem to appear right above our heads, they are actually very far away – usually more than 100 kilometres above earth. The most distant red lights take place at heights of over 600 kilometres up in the sky.

The best time to travel to see the Northern Lights is from September to April, basically the northern hemisphere’s winter season, as these are the months where there are full dark nights. And, there is hardly a better way to experience truly dark nights and brighter skies than onboard a cruise ship. Only on Hurtigruten’s Northern Lights sailings you have a promise of seeing the Northern Lights,and if they don’t appear, you’ll receive another  free 6- or 7-day classic voyage free.


3. Music, colourful cars and cigars

Rustic and untouched, the time to experience the sultry vibes of Cuba is now, while it is still in its most authentic form.

Imagine walking through Cuba’s pincushion hills and wandering amongst orchids and lush mountain coffee plantations. G Adventures will allow you to tour a tobacco plantation, snorkel crystal-clear waters full of colourful coral and search for pirates along the Guanahacabibes Peninsula.

For that added special touch why not immerse yourself in the local culture in a homestay for an experience that travellers rarely get to enjoy. One mojito, two mojitos… As sugar cane grows abundantly in Cuba, rum is also deep-seated in this culture. Why not go on a rum tasting excursion and forget your two left feet, as you dance to the rhythm of the musicians that line the cobble-stone streets.


4. Russia to China by train

It is not everyday where you will think of combining Russia and China into one trip, not to mention by train.

Incredible doesn't begin to describe G Adventures’ railway journey from Russia to China. Beginning in Moscow, a trip on the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway will take you across the steppe to experience Mongolia's colourful culture. Disembark for one night to have the rare opportunity to sleepover in a ger which is a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt, before continuing on to the palaces of Beijing.

While there are many more amazing experiences out there for South Africans, the first step is to stop dreaming and to start planning today. Call your nearest Flight Centre agent to book and  kick your bucket-list to the curb…