It’s time to rock at Lollapalooza

23 March 2017

Lollapalooza is an annual festival which started back in 1991. It is held annually in Chicago, but since 2011 the festival has spread to the cities of Santiago, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Berlin, and Paris. If you’re into Alternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock, hip hop and EDM, this festival will blow your mind. This year the line-up includes acts like Metallica, Rancid, The Strokes, Jimmy Eat World, Two Door Cinema Club and more.


What the Lollapalooza festival is all about

The creation of Lollapalooza was inspired by the Gathering of the Tribes Concerts held in 1990 in America. Lollapalooza was created as a touring festival, which in the early days, travelled across America and Canada. The first Lollapalooza tour was actually created as a farewell festival for the band, Janes Addiction. The first Lollapalooza featured bands like Nine Inch Nails, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Ice T.

What to Expect at the Lollapalooza festival

Each city holds the festival over a weekend, so from Thursday to Sunday you get the opportunity, no matter which city you visit, to experience the hard hitting Lollapalooza festival. You’ll spend a weekend partying like a rock star, visiting the art market, and getting your sustenance from Chow Town that has hundreds of food and beverage stalls.



Top Tips for the Lollapalooza festival

Unlike just about every other music festival, there is no camping at Lollapalooza. Hotel packages are available; otherwise it’s a good idea to find a backpackers somewhere close to the venue. Book early though, because thousands of other people may have the same idea. There is a cashless system at Lollapalooza, so get organised before you get there.

Make sure you do:

  • Pack for the weather – all types!
  • If you can, splurge on a VIP ticket – you won’t regret it.
  • Stay as close to the festival as possible.
  • Get a locker at the festival, it’s an additional cost, but it will be worth it.

Make sure you don’t:

  • Bring your professional cameras or accessories. Take pictures with your phone or a disposable camera, it’s just too risky to take expensive equipment of any kind
  • Bring any alcohol into the festival – buy when you get there.
  • Bring chairs, umbrellas, or glass.



I'll be back for '17.

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Although there is no camping allowed at Lollapalooza, the upside is that you get to sleep in a decent bed every night, and then wake up and start rocking again to some of the world’s best bands. The festival offers awesome music, fun activities and stalls, and loads of food and beverage options. So get yourself to Lollapalooza this year for one huge party. Speak to your Flight Centre Youth and Adventure consultant today to find out more!