It's just way better in Bali!

23 May 2017

As you step off the plane, the heat engulfs you and your fellow travellers, who are all looking for the same thing –adventure, beaches and parties. Bali has always been the ideal holiday destination, and is often compared to paradise. The people of the island have a traditional culture of art and creativity, which can be seen in the elaborate traditional dress and spectacular wood carvings that people create to make a living. With this beautiful culture as a backdrop, Bali offers an amazing nightlife, spectacular beaches and loads of opportunity for new experiences.

Know the island of Bali

Bali is a relatively small island with Kuta being the main centre where markets, clubs, bars, Burger Kings, dive and surf shops are everywhere. Further south you will find more attractive and ‘typical’ Bali beaches with cliff faces dramatically falling into the sea. As you head up the east coast, the beach sand is black from volcanic activity on the island, while rice paddies and villages are everywhere. Towards the north of the island you will find amazing dive spots, dormant volcanoes and lush green forests. Travel back south, towards the centre of the island, and make sure to visit the charming town of Ubud where spiritual retreats and cultural traditions abound.

Best beaches in Bali

There are literally hundreds of beaches, bays, and coves to discover in Bali. Some are riddled with seaweed; others offer beautiful golden sand and calm seas, while others are surrounded by cliff faces, coral reefs and rocks. Bali has it all.

Kuta beach is a long stretch of golden sand with hotels, bars, and shops lining its shores and is the ideal place to learn how to surf. Check out Nusa Dua Beach for great swimming and snorkelling. Sanur Beach on the south-east coast is kilometres long, allowing you to find your own stretch of paradise. Protected by a long reef system the water is very calm and clear. Balangan Beach is a beautiful spot near Uluwatu and is nicely hidden away, it’s great for surfing, strolling and just chilling out for the day. After spending the day checking out the beaches in the south, head to Uluwatu and make your way down towards the cliff tops. There are a few bars and restaurants perched high above the waves, offering amazing views and chilled out vibes.


Best nightlife in Bali

If you’re looking to party every night and you enjoy the hustle & bustle of a busy nightlife, Kuta and Legian are for you. There are plenty of pubs, clubs and water front bars to choose from. However, if you do a little research before you go, you will discover a few amazing hotspots around the island that may be a little less well-known and further off the beaten track.

As you ride your scooter through the bustling streets of the towns and make your way from village to village, palm trees and rice paddies line the roads. Spectacular beaches await your arrival (if you know where to look), and sundowner drinks on cliff tops ease you into a night of unforgettable partying!   So make sure Bali is one of your next destinations and contact Flight Centre to find out more by clicking here or visit your local Flight Centre store or call 0877405000 for more advise and to book your next trip!