How to Travel Alone and Have Fun

5 February 2013


Ever wanted to go on vacation but all your friends have already been to that destination or no one has any leave time left?  It may seem like a bummer to have to travel by yourself but there are a few ways to make it super fun and memorable!


1)      Book a Tour Package – Booking a tour for your next holiday can be a great way to meet new people and get to see cool new places all at the same time.  Many tour companies also cater to specific age groups or interests so do some research and find one that fits you and what you like!


2)      Go on Group Outings – If you haven’t booked a tour package there are still plenty of opportunities to take day trips out.  Book a cooking class, go on a yacht tour, take a group surfing lesson, go on a hike; the options are endless.  This is a great opportunity to meet new people who probably share similar interests.


Travelling Alone Travelling Alone


3)      Don’t be Shy – Part of the fun of traveling is the people you meet from different places.  So, the next time you’re out on vacation don’t be shy to strike up conversation.  People will want to find out more about where you’re from.   You may also be surprised at the hospitality you are shown and you may even get the low down on some local favourites to visit while you’re there!


4)      Take Time for You – Even if you are not traveling with anyone remember to take some time out for you.  Book a massage, read a good book or just sleep in!  The only schedule you have is your own so take advantage of having some quality time to yourself!


5)      Be safe; be smart – A key part to enjoying a vacation by yourself is to be safe and travel smart.    When you travel by yourself you can be more vulnerable than when you’re with a group.  Remember to send your schedule and itinerary to a trusted friend or family member and check in with them regularly.
Make sure you properly secure your valuables and travel documents where you stay and don’t take any important items out if you don’t need them.  Last but not least have a back-up plan!  Write down important numbers like phone, reservation and passport numbers and have access to extra funds in case of an emergency.  By covering your bases you can avoid unnecessary headaches and really enjoy your vacation.


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