How to Look Fly when you Fly

10 September 2019

The first rule of stylish flying is to dress for first class – even if you’re flying economy. After all, you still need to look great in your #travelgram Insta pic at the airport. Follow these tips for what to wear (and what not to wear) to fly in celebrity style on your next flight.


YES: Dress to impress

Did you know you’re much more likely to get bumped up to first class if you’re dressed for the part? Flight attendants are told to look out for people who look like they belong in first class when there are extra seats available.


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NO: High Heels

Sure, those platforms go great with your outfit. But running through the airport to get to your gate in time or tip toeing past other passengers to get to the toilet is not a great idea in heels. Stick to comfy, flat slip-on shoes without any fussy laces or buckles.


YES: Layers

It can get pretty chilly on the plane. Instead of packing a big bulky jacket, go for layers that you can take on and off as you need. Start with a comfy t-shirt, then pair it with a stylish jersey or tailored jacket. Bring a bright scarf for a pop of colour and extra warmth (you can also use it to cover your head if you’re having a bad hair day).


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NO: Pyjamas

If you’re going on a really long-haul flight, it might be tempting to wear your PJs. After all, you’ll be sleeping most of the time, right? Wrong. Pyjamas look sloppy and they’re inappropriate for public. Just don’t do it.


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YES: Sweater and leggings

You can’t go wrong with a pair of stretchy leggings and an over-sized top. Pair it with some pumps for a casual but put-together look.


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NO: Skinny jeans

These might be your go-to when you’re at home but skinny jeans get super uncomfortable when you’re curled up on a cramped seat. They're also a bit dangerous, as the tightness can lead to deep vein thrombosis on the plane. Yikes!


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YES: Cotton and Linen

Go for lightweight, natural fabrics. Synthetic fabrics don’t breathe well, which means you could sweat more. And no one wants to sit next to the guy with bad BO.


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