South Africa Ultra

How to Have an Awesome Ultra

30 January 2018

Ultra has become one of the best EDM Music Festivals in the world, touring over twenty cities around the globe each year with some of the industry's finest talent in tow. We’ve got the full scoop on what, when and where below.

What is Ultra

Wow, you must really be an Ultra newbie if you have to read this part of the article (skip to the next section if you’re a little more seasoned). Having originated in Miami, Ultra is an outdoor electronic music festival that takes place at different times of the year all around the world. South Africa usually nabs tour dates in the beginning of the year and boasts local and international acts (much like the global tours, except our local acts are better). Ultra attendees are affectionately known as Ultranauts and are (unsurprisingly) only eighteen or older. The event promises to be a raucous affair and will definitely provide you with a lifetime of memories (even if some of the details may be a bit blurry given the party up ahead). It's usually where DJs showcase new music and definitely the perfect spot for anyone with a passion for EDM and having a blast.

The When & Where

  • Cape Town | 9 February | Cape Town Stadium | 2pm - 12am

  • Johannesburg | 10 February | Expo Centre, Nasrec | 2pm - 12am


  • Afrojack
  • Armin van Buuren
  • Axwell Λ Ingrosso
  • Dubfire
  • Hardwell

Supporting Acts

  • Black Coffee
  • Carnage
  • EatsEverything

As if that’s not enough, there will be over fifty regional supporting acts including the likes of Kyle Watson, Pascal & Pearce, TiMO ODV and GoodLuck, to name a few.

Survival Guide: What to Wear

Ultra is an outdoor music festival with more than one stage… wear sandals or slip slops if you wish, but know that you will regret it. Not only is there a lot of walking, but more dancing and time spent on your feet than you could imagine! Our recommendation is to wear comfy sneakers that you don’t mind getting dirty. It's a fairly hot time of year so dress comfortably (you'll probably regret jeans, for example).

Survival Guide: What to Pack

Bags are searched before entry into the festival, so let’s start with what not to bring:

  • Lasers, flashlights and anything else that can interfere with the artists
  • Professional DSLR, recording devices and/or video equipment that has not been pre-approved
  • Alcohol, food
  • Bottles, cans, glass
  • CamelPacks
  • Camping gear
  • Sound systems

OK, so what can you bring? Bring a backpack with all the essentials, like lip-balm, sunglasses and sunscreen, and all the fun stuff too (e.g. selfie-sticks for great group shots, flags any anything else you plan on bringing to help you and your friends stand out). We also recommend bringing some cash, because although there are card facilities and on-site ATMs, you can never really rely on tech and don’t want to be left without something to eat or drink just because services are down. It’s also recommended that you pack in a charging cable. Although the stations get crowded, there are usually charging facilities that could come in handy in a pinch (such as if you get separated from friends or need to charge up your phone enough to order your UBER). Now for the gross part: Ultra is like any other festival in that the bathrooms can tend to get a little out of hand, so be sure to back in some wet wipes and even a pack of pocket tissues in case you find yourself without toilet paper (the horror).

Survival Guide: Things to Remember

This one’s particularly important: there is no re-entry. Once you leave the grounds, that’s it! So don’t leave the festival unless you really are done. If you’re packing any flags or posters, make sure they’re well-assembled (Ultra has said if they deem the construction of anything you bring into the festival as “dangerous”, they will confiscate it). Finally, make sure you and your friends have a designated meeting spot just in case you find yourselves separated and unable to get hold of one another.

The most important rule: have fun, stay safe and make Ultra South Africa 2018 one to remember.