How to care for your pet during lockdown

2 April 2020

It’s now more important than ever to take care of the entire family, and that includes your beloved pet. Whether they have fur, feathers, scales or gills we need to take the wellbeing of our pets to heart.

Here are 5 tips to help you care for your pet during lockdown.

1. Exercise

Just like with humans, exercise gets the blood and oxygen flowing and assists with mood stabilization. The same goes for your pet. Although we are stuck indoors, find ways to ensure your pet gets enough physical exercise. Fix the hamster’s running wheel, get the stuffed toy out from under the couch and play with your kitten or have a good old game of fetch with your dog. Anything to keep them active and happy.

2. Mental stimulation

The mental wellbeing of your pet is as important as their physical health. On a warm day, freeze some dog treats in water and give it to your dog to play with, hide some cat treats throughout the house, or simply teach your iguana a new trick.

3. Nutrition

The snack drawer might be full, but keep in mind your pet can’t necessarily eat the same foods as humans do. Stick to their regular diet, as feeding your guinea pig spicy crisps will not be good for them, at all. Experts even recommend feeding your pet a tad bit less (like 10%), as they won’t necessarily be as active as always, and keep those bowls full of fresh clean water. 

4. Keep them groomed

A clean pet is a happy pet. So, just bite the bullet and get your Great Dane into the tub for a scrub down, clean out your parrots’ cage frequently or simply give your fur baby a slight trim if needed (Just be careful with those sharp scissors, Edward). 

5. Health

You know your pet the best, so if they are acting out of character and not their regular selves check with your vet. As an essential service provider, your veterinarian will be available during the lockdown period, perhaps just give them a call first to confirm their opening hours.

Our pets bring us tremendous joy and love daily, so return the favour and care for them during this testing time. After all, they are part of the family.