5 tips for packing smartly and travelling safely

5 tips for packing smartly and travelling safely ​

21 August 2017

Finally, after months of preparation and anticipation, you’ve arrived in the final week before you head off on the travel adventure of a lifetime. Now it’s time to start packing. To be safe you should always pack your own bags, don’t do anyone any favours by carrying items for them, keep an eye on your bags at all times, and make sure you speak to the airlines if you intend on taking special items with you.

Think before you pack

Depending on the type of trip you are taking, you may need to invest in some new luggage. If you’re going to one hotel for two weeks any bag will do, really. However, if you intend on moving around a lot and will be away for a while, a backpack is a great item to invest in.

While making your packing list and getting ready to load your bags, ask yourself if certain items are really necessary! If you’re going somewhere very hot, you will more than likely not need loads of pairs of jeans, as you’ll be running around in sarongs and board shorts most of the time.

Try and take only the bare necessities and be prepared to wash your clothes in hostel basins, as this can save you loads of space. Think to yourself, if I don’t have that item, will I still be ok? If yes, then leave it behind!

Pack your own bags

When checking in for your flight, there’s a reason they always ask you if you have packed your own bags. If something illegal is found, you will be liable and could be in serious trouble. Make sure you are the one packing your luggage, and don’t let anyone else interfere. Of course, mom helping out is different, but when you are in a backpackers or a hostel, make sure no one tampers with your bags in any way.

Watch your luggage at all times

While travelling around, you’ll definitely spend more than a few hours waiting for busses, trains, planes and boats. Make sure that no matter what happens, your luggage is with you at all times. If you need to take your bags into the bathroom with you, well then so be it.

Don’t do anyone any favours

Unless it’s your best friend, don’t offer or accept to take anything in your luggage from someone you hardly know. Even someone you have been partying with for the last two weeks could be a risk. Unfortunately there are times on your travels where you will have to think the worst of a situation, or of someone, and make sure you are safe. Follow your gut, and use your head.

Consult with the airline about special items

Be prepared before you even get to the airport. If you are taking a surfboard, scuba-diving equipment, instruments, or even bicycles with you, check with the airline about their hold luggage policies. You may incur extra expenses when travelling with these items.

Ideally you want to travel as light as possible, because there is nothing worse than lugging heavy bags through an airport or busy city you’ve never been to. Simply think before you pack, trust your gut while you’re travelling and use your head if you are confronted with a difficult situation, but most of all, make every second count!

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