The Hidden Gems of New York

6 June 2019

If you’re travelling to New York City for the first time, you’ll be forgiven for wanting to tick off all the famous must-see sites. From the Statue of Liberty and Time Square to the Empire State Building, it’s totally ok to do all the touristy stuff first. But if you prefer to travel off the beaten track, there are plenty of little-known hotspots only the locals know about. Take a look at these hidden gems you’ll find tucked away in New York city.

Hide & Seek Parks

Midtown Manhattan isn’t exactly known for being a haven of serenity. But Paley Park, a green oasis with a beautiful glass waterfall tunnel, can be discovered by taking a shortcut down 6 1/2 Avenue from 51st to 57th Street. Not to be outdone, the bustling Financial District hides secluded Elevated Acre, a lush garden sanctuary poised above the city, reachable only by an escalator just off the sidewalk.

Hidden Bars

It’s no surprise that New York is home to some of the trendiest speakeasies. Located in lower Manhattan, Trinity Place Bank Vault Bar is a 113-year-old historic bank vault buried beneath a skyscraper where you can grab a sneaky drink. Please Don't Tell in the Lower East Side is particularly hard to find. You enter through an old telephone booth and even need a secret code to get in! Looking for a flashy evening drink? Try Goldbar, a super trendy spot also in the Lower East Side where the walls are covered in gold skulls.

A Touch of Magic

There’s more than a little magic and mystery winding through the streets of the City that Never Sleeps. Head to Tannen's Magic Store, where famous magicians have been sourcing their tricks since 1925. Work a little magic of your own at the Grand Central Terminal Whispering Gallery. The unusual acoustics create a mystical effect where if you place your ear right up against the tiles, you’ll be able to hear someone whisper a secret from all the way across the terminal. Central Park hides a myriad treasures between its leafy green borders. One of which is the whimsical Alice in Wonderland statue featuring Alice having a fantastical tea party with all the odd characters from the book.

Amazing Museums

In addition to the likes of MoMa and the famous Metropolitan Museum, New York features a number of more offbeat treasure troves. One such is the quirky Troll Museum, curated by a lady in elf ears. The Museum of the American Gangster gives a glimpse into the dramatic past of organised crime in the city. Indulge your dark side at the Morbid Anatomy Museum with plenty of spine-tingling skulls, weird biology and ancient artefacts. Tucked away in Tribeca, the Mmuseumm, is a tiny gallery space where only three visitors are allowed at a time. Here you’ll discover many strange modern curiosities that will have you saying ‘hmmm’.

New York is an iconic city and with these little hidden gems, you are sure to have the time of your life here! Speak to one of our Flight Centre travel experts today to book your flights to New York.