5 Fantastic Reasons to Tour in 2018

5 Fantastic Reasons to Tour in 2018

15 August 2017

While some people prefer to go it alone, seeing the world on a group tour has plenty of perks! From cutting down on admin, exploring unique destinations and making new friends along the way, take a look at these great reasons to go touring in 2018.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

If you’re more of a big picture traveller than a stickler for details, a tour is definitely for you! Instead of scrolling through reviews in travel forums or scribbling notes in your guidebook, simply sit back and relax while your tour operator takes care of all the pesky details. Everything from hotel bookings, transport and dining to excursions, activities and sightseeing is sorted, so you can just focus on enjoying every moment.

Travel where others fear to tread

Travelling in developing countries can be an eye-opening experience. While destinations like India and East Africa are brimful of beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultures and incredible sights – they can be a bit hectic for unseasoned travellers. Travelling with a tour group gives you the freedom to explore all of these countries without worrying about getting into any sticky situations. Your tour guide will help ensure that you steer clear of any dodgy areas, don’t get swindled by haggling salesmen, avoid eating at risky restaurants and stay safe wherever you go.

Get the inside scoop

No matter how detailed your travel guidebook, it can’t come close to all the local knowledge an experienced tour guide can give you. Most tours are led by local guides who know the country like the back of their hands. Not only can they share fascinating insights into local culture and traditions, they also know all the best restaurants, markets, sights and hidden gems that you might have missed going it alone.

Go on wild adventures

Love roughing it in the wild? Can’t get enough of exotic cuisine? Fanatic about festivals? There’s a tour for that, and many more! Touring opens you up to a world of unique experiences that are harder to do on your own. Camp out at Oktoberfest or get messy at La Tomatina. Go on a scooter cooking tour through the quaint towns of Italy. Sail along the azure coast of Croatia. Chase the Northern Lights in Iceland. Whatever you’re into, there’s an unforgettable tour adventure for you!

Meet your new BFFs

One of the best parts of travelling is meeting new people along the way. On a tour, you’ll get an instant group of like-minded travellers to share awesome experiences with. Just like you, they’re out to make the most of this adventure and create memories that last a lifetime. Whether you’re travelling solo or with friends, a group tour is a great way to make new friends and take that unforgettable group photo as a reminder of the good times you all had together.

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