Greenmarket Square

11 June 2014

Greenmarket Square lays in the heart of Cape Town, just off the popular and well-known, Long Street. It is a buzzing amalgam of stalls and street vendors selling all kinds of African paraphernalia. From beautiful wooden sculptures and leather belts to second hand books, music and art, there is no doubt that you will find something that aligns with your interests. Don’t be shy to haggle as most vendors are quite open to cut you a reasonable deal.

Cape Town aerial view The Greenmarket Square grounds are dated back to 1696

The Square is surrounded by quaint coffee shops and restaurants. Each one has its own unique atmosphere but all of them are connected by a high standard of service and quality food and drink. There are also some amazing apartments to rent in the Square with a shop, selling everything you need, just around the corner. All though this might be an option for the younger of us as, especially over weekends, the loud buzz of Long Street will be heard well into the early hours of morning.

But Greenmarket square is about much more than shopping. I would go as far to say that shopping is a very small part of the experience. It is a place rich with history and stories. The very ground you will stand on has been there since 1696. It used to be host to slave markets and a site of many protests. Luckily its bad reputation is in the past and today it is a friendly place filled with the sounds of laughter and embodies a deep African Spirit.

Greenmarket is also about the people, people from all different kinds of countries, cultures and backgrounds. Do not be afraid to talk to people. You can learn a lot about Africa and its people by indulging in some light banter. More often than not, you will stand in awe of the diversity of stories to be heard in the square. Even though it is a popular spot among locals you will also find many fellow traveller’s browsing through the stalls, making it one of the must-be destinations of Cape Town and a great place to meet new people.

Wiehahn Diederichs

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” Travel has opened my mind and soul and has filled me with an insatiable thirst and curiosity for life. My passion for travel is fuelled by my love for photography and writing. Through these mediums of expression I hope to inspire people to follow their hearts and see the world. There is an entire planet filled with a variety of people and experiences waiting for us to meet them.