Go on a Cruise!

21 December 2017

If you’ve been thinking about breaking away from the ordinary on your next holiday, we have the answer to your search for “different”: Go on a Cruise!

Not only will you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but you’ll get to do it while travelling in the lap of luxury. The time is long gone, where all cruises are equal – although there is nothing wrong with a regular relaxing cruise on the open water with all your needs catered to. However, people around the world have started thinking outside the box with cruises, pushing the limits of what they can offer and where they can go. Cruises have expanded to offer travellers brand new and bespoke adventures on the open waters all around the world.

Double-date holiday on a Le Boat Canal Cruise

One example of such a bespoke trip is the Le Boat canal cruise through the French wine region of Languedoc. Specially made to sleep only 4 people in a self-catered environment, this is more like a cruise “yacht ” and it’s perfect for two couples looking to explore France (and wine) in a whole new way! Hire bicycles to get to where you want to go on land and forget the limitations that come with “normal” travel. You can spend the day wherever you choose because your accommodation travels everywhere with you. If “different” is what you are looking for – then this adventure surely ticks all the boxes.

Prefer holidaying close to home?

There’s no need to miss out on a cruise experience if you’re a South-African! MSC offers year-round cruises to suit any budget between Cape Town, Durban, Maputo and the Portuguese Islands. A local cruise is a perfect way to get away for a quick break without too much effort. Plan the ultimate family holiday or even a fabulous romantic getaway for two - anything is possible, and it’s available right on your doorstep.

Spectacular deals on long-distance cruises

We have several cruises that are ideal for cruise-fanatics – people who love the “cruise” part of the cruise. These cruises are at sea for long stretches in between destinations which means they make sure the cruise experience is top-class. You’ll have time to explore every incredible, gym, bar, swimming pool or spa on board. These are things people often miss out on because they spend all their time on excursions on land. You’ll be spoiled and pampered for two weeks or more on cruises between amazing destinations. The transatlantic trip between the USA and the UK or between Alaska and Japan are just two such examples. If cruising is something you savour and the thought of setting foot on two different continents from the same cruise ship thrills you, then these extended cruises will undoubtedly be your ultimate dream-holiday.

See Norway and the Northern lights

The Norwegian landscape is breathtakingly beautiful even on its worst day, but imagine seeing it all from the vantage point of a cruise ship deck as you sail through the silence of the spectacular fjords with majestic cliffs towering above you on either side… Nothing short of magical. While on the topic of magical, prepare yourself for the phenomenon that is The Northern Lights when choosing our Norway cruise. The night sky becomes the canvas for the most incredible artwork made of light – and you’ll be there to take it all in.

Who says travelling and relaxing can’t be part of the same holiday? If you’ve always wanted to tour but never liked the idea of how much running around it takes to get to all those incredible locations - cruising is the ideal solution. A cruise holiday means you don’t need to worry about meals, car hire or most annoyingly of all - unpacking your bags each time you get to a new destination! It’s the ultimate "tour" holiday for people who really need a vacation. Yes – we mean YOU!

We have incredible cruise deals on these and many more cruises, so don't miss this golden opportunity to book your dream cruise holiday! Get in touch with any of our brilliant travel experts today and… Go on a Cruise!