Fun Easter activities for kids to enjoy at home

9 April 2020

Searching for Easter activities for kids to do at home? We're cooped up at home, but that doesn't mean the Easter bunny hasn't left basket loads of ideas.

Put on your creativity hat, let loose your inner child and enjoy tackling these fun activities at home this Easter.

Make an at-home Easter egg hunt

Nothing quite beats the fun of an Easter egg hunt. Banish the kids to a room while you hide the eggs around the house or the garden. Maybe you'll even have the chance to have an undisturbed cup of tea while you're 'hiding' the chocolate. 

Establish the rules beforehand, ensure all the kids have the same or an equal amount of eggs and get going. Get creative – you'll be amazed at how many little nooks and crannies you can find to hide an egg or two.

Don't underestimate how fun an Easter egg hunt is for all ages. You can even set up a Zoom meeting so gran and grandad can join in the fun too.

Make Easter cupcakes together

Prepare yourself for mess and icing everywhere. But trust us, it'll be worth it when the kids proudly show off the colourful, delicious results of their labour.

Make it easier by using a store-bought cake mix. These only require a little beating and minimal ingredients so are more manageable than starting from scratch. Everyone knows that decorating is the best part of all. Prepare colourful sprinkles, mini Easter eggs and more to decorate the cupcakes.

You could even turn it into a competition (don't forget to give everyone a prize, even it's just one for participation!). Best of all, Easter dessert is sorted.

You'll have time after Easter to get back into your health kick.

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Take a virtual family vacation

Sightseeing attractions the world over are live streaming events and offering behind the scenes tours.

Explore the views from Machu Pichu and tour the Louvre in Paris (no crowds guaranteed). And step into the wild with SanParks webcams.

Another favourite is journeying through the history and architecture of Moscow's subways. You can even virtually explore some stations that are closed to the public. 

Here are ten virtual tours of the world's natural wonders and you can even jot off to space thanks to NASA's virtual tours. Here are ten more virtual tours and webcams.

Now, the whole family can travel the world without even leaving the couch. Afterwards, you can continue with the virtual travels by whipping up one of your favourite national dishes.

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Do as much or as little as you please

If you're running out of ideas to keep young minds and hands busy, check out these 125 ideas to keep kids entertained – from young to old.

But don't feel any pressure to do all the activities. If you just want to park on the couch in front of the TV and snuggle up, go for it. If you can't eat chocolate for breakfast and do nothing on Easter, when can you!