Freak Out On A Scary Tour To Transylvania This Halloween

27 June 2018

BOO! What better way to spend Halloween than on a creepy tour through Transylvania? Skip the sweet treats and cutesy costumes and experience the real deal on a 7-day tour through Budapest, Romania and legendary Transylvania – known for its stunning scenery, intriguing sights and a blood-thirsty vampire you might have heard of…

Say boo in Budapest

Your thrilling trip kicks off in vibey Budapest. Hungary’s capital city is bursting with cool things to see and do. Check out picturesque churches, interesting museums and steamy Turkish baths during the day, then head out after dark for a wild night at the city’s pumping clubs.

From cool Cluj to the spine-chilling Salt Mines of Turda

Next up is the awesome city of Cluj where Gothic-style churches, Baroque palaces and a party-packed nightlife scene await. Then it's off to the deep salt mines of Turda, a creepy underground warren of winding passages and echoing chambers. Getting goose bumps yet?

Search for treasure in beautiful Sibiel

Just a short drive away lies breath-taking Sibiel, a quaint little village with a secret at its heart. Legend has it that a hidden treasure lies buried beneath the ancient fortress, with many treasure hunters having tried and failed to dig their way into the forbidden tunnel that leads to it. Not up for a digging expedition? There are plenty of other treasures to discover in this gem of a town, with its rich history and wealth of local customs.

Brave the terrors of Brasov

Bust out the garlic and head to Brasov - home of blood-thirsty Vlad the Impaler – the original inspiration for the Dracula legend that kept you up at night as a kid. Tread the halls of terrifying Bran Castle, where unfortunate victims met a gory end at the end of a stake in the 15th Century. Luckily, Brasov is also known for its fantastic wine, so you can down a glass or two to calm your nerves.

Freak out at a ghoulish Halloween Party

Put on your monster masks and spooky costumes, and get ready to party hard at the world’s most terrifying Halloween party. Impale your steak on a stake and get your BBQ on around the bonfire. Then bust a move to monster-mash hits in the jaw-dropping Racatau Valley.

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