Food Tour: Best street eats in Asia

21 November 2018

Eat your way through Bangkok, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with a tasty food tour from Top Deck! Find out the top spots for snacks on the street, which markets to hit up for the good stuff, and where to go for a sneaky after-party munch sesh.

Fill your belly in Bangkok


Head on down to famous Yaowarat Road in Chinatown where Thai street food gurus cook up some of the best street dishes in Bangkok. Wander over to the market by day for a tasty helping of satay (succulent roasted meat on a skewer with peanut sauce). Or wait until sunset when the woks really get fired up!

Ratchawat Market

For something a little more relaxed, go to the small, quiet district of Dusit, and follow Nakhon Chaisi Road to Ratchawat Market. One of the oldest markets in the city, you’ll find the real deal when it comes to roast duck, Kobe beef noodles and jungle curry.

Daeng Racha Hoi Tod

One dish you have to try in Bangkok is hoi tod ‒ a hot savoury, pancake-like dish packed with oysters or other shellfish. And no one does it better than Daeng Racha Hoi Tod. Located in Trok Long Moo Market, this old-school stall has been going for 100 years with its secret hoi tod recipe passed down through the generations. The stall closes at 2:30pm, but it’s super popular, so get there by noon before everything’s sold out!

Tom Yum Goong Banglamphu

You’ve probably heard of the famous, hectic, people-packed mayhem of Khoa San Road. But if you take just a short detour to Phra Nakhon Market nearby, you’ll find Tom Yum Goong Banglamphu ‒ a tiny street food stall that serves Tom Yum Goong (sour, spicy, shrimpy, coconutty soup) to die for.


This trendy neighbourhood is packed with traditional stalls serving awesome Thai favourites. Of all the chicken noodle stalls in Bangkok, Guaythiew Pik Gai Sainampung is definitely one of the best.Try their house specialist, guaythiew pik gai (soup noodles swirling in rich chicken broth and topped with peanuts, green beans and chicken wings). For a tasty morning snack, head to Tang Meng Noodle serving Hainanese-style chicken rice, guaythiew yen ta fo (soup noodles in fermented tofu broth) and more.

Munch in Ho Chi Minh

Huyen Broken Rice

Broken rice is the ultimate Vietnamese comfort food made with crumbled rice grains, caramelized pork chops, fried eggs, steamed egg cake, and a garlic chive dressing. Huyen Broken Rice on Dinh Tien Hoang Street is your best best for a late-night feast. Known as the ‘ghost shop’, this night-time stall opens at 6pm but only gets really busy after midnight.

Pho Hoa

It’s impossible to be in Vietnam without eating at least one (or 100) bowls of delicious Pho. This noodle and broth dish is eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. For some of the really good stuff, head to Pho Hoa in District 1. This super-old stall has been around for generations, with a secret family recipe that makes their pho extra yum.

Pho Tay

Pho Tay is located in the Pham Ngu Lao area. Buzzing with budget-friendly food stalls, hostels and clubs, it’s the perfect spot to pick up some grub before (and after) a big night out. Whatever you’re craving, from banh mi (bread) and banh xeo (pancakes) to the ever-popular pho and loads of international cuisines too, you’ll find it here.

Le Van Tam Park

Gỏi đu đủ isn’t your average salad. This delish fresh dish has heaps of shredded green papaya topped with shrimp or pork, fresh herbs and a zesty dressing. Head to the southwest corner of Le Van Tam Park in the afternoon to find a family stall that’s been making this snackable salad for over 40 years. Yum!

Vạn Kiếp Street

Can’t decide what you’re in the mood for? Try Vạn Kiếp Street where you'll find pretty much every Vietnamese dish you can shake a chopstick at. Pho, noodles, stir fries, satay, buns you name. Try the grilled octopus at Quán Út Lang, you won’t be disappointed!

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