Flight Centre Travel Tip: Beating Jetlag

29 December 2011

Jet lag is a side effect of international air travel. It usually occurs when you cross five or more time zones and I find that going East is worse than going West and you're heading into time, and this really messes your body clock around.

But there are some tips I can give you to help combat the effects of jetlag.

Firstly, when I board the plane I set my watch to the time at my destination. This prepares me mentally for the conditions on landing. The airline you're flying with will also set the cabin lighting and dinner schedules to match the time at your destination. This can feel a little odd when you're being fed breakfast at 10pm at night but it is an effective way to trick your body into getting accustomed to your destinations time zone.

Jet lag

Can't keep your eyes open?

Another thing I like to do is get some decent shut eye - and the best way to do this is to create a good sleeping nook. Bring along your own special pillow, grab some extra blankets (if they're available), put in your ear plugs and pop on the eye mask. Oh yes, wear the socks if your airline includes them in your amenity pack. Warm feet make for cosy sleeping.

If you're not a good plane sleeper then consider speaking to your doctor who can prescribe a mild sleeping tablet for you. Just make 100% sure that you have take the prescribed box with you and not just the tablets.

After a good sleep be sure to take a little trek around your cabin. Stretch your legs and drink lots of water. Keep yourself hydrated and you'll reap the benefits when you land.

If it is daylight when you land try sticking to the destinations time. Don't be tempted to go to sleep until it is night time or you might find yourself counting sheep at 3 in the morning when you're on South African time.

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