FCL Singapore Qantas Ambassadors: Christmas Glitz & Shopping Madness | Part 2

30 November 2011



Day 2 in Singapore meant more shopping! As mentioned in Part 1, Singapore is a shopper’s paradise.  First up was Ion Orchard, a mall that has a magic magnetic attraction to your wallet.  It’s gigantic; the mall is also a gateway to the Orchard MRT Station.



View of Singapore from the Salt Grill & Sky Bar

Before the shopping officially began, we had reservations at Salt Grill & Sky Bar, Wine Bar to indulge in cocktails & dessert.  Let me make this clear, when I say “sky bar” I literally mean “sky bar.”  The Salt Grill Sky Bar is located on the 57th floor of Ion Orchard and offers a 360 degree view of Singapore, totally amazing!  Being the tourist that I am, my first instinct when we got to the Sky Bar was to try and capture as much of Singapore as I possibly could with my camera.  Once that was accomplished, it was cocktail & dessert time!



Enough cocktails & dessert it was now time to experience Ion Orchard and Orchard Road.  Where do I start, “sigh” err, Chanel? Zara?  H&M? Yes the list was endless.  After spending an exhausting 30 minutes in the queue to pay for my purchases at H&M I came to a conclusion that Singaporeans love to shop!



Its 7pm, all the ambassadors are dressed up to have dinner at the “No Signboard Seafood Restaurant.”  What a seafood feast we had, from bull frogs, to drunken prawns and spicy crabs, yes you read correctly, bull frog.  As a South African, eating crabs and bull frogs for dinner is somewhat, odd, peculiar, weird, I’m sure you get the point.  This was one experience that got the “adventurous” me out of her shell when it comes to food.  Yes I ate bull frog, get over it *giggles*


Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The night did not end there.  We ventured off to Marina Bay Sands Hotel, well the club there, Ku De Ta; I was allowed a sneak peak at the infinity pool there.


May I just mention that the club experience was “home-away-from-home” the music the DJ played was music I’d probably dance too at a local club in South Africa.  For house music lovers, Singapore will not disappoint!

And that’s day 2 in Singapore... Up next day 3!