Fancy Flying on Business Class?

10 November 2011

If there’s one thing, every traveller should experience at least once in their lifetime it is to fly business class. Yep, it‘s a must! You may be excited about arriving at your destination, no matter what class you’re flying, but wait until you fly business. So what exactly is “special” about flying near the front of the plane? Before I tell you, see it this way, it’s like watching TV on a 60 inch 3D screen instead of a 23 inch “normal” TV – get it? You get to experience the joy of watching TV, only its way better! Just like flying business class, it’s bigger and better!

You’ve booked your business class flight here’s what you should expect:

  • Dining at a business class airport lounge prior to your departure, and the following will be at your disposal;
    • You will have the pleasure on Drinks on demand
    •  Latest newspaper
    •  Internet access
    • Duvets
    • Top notch food
  • Lie flat beds and moreYou get first preference when boarding the plane after first class, and are also the first to leave the plane
  • Need I mention the ample foot & storage space on the plane?
  • Lie-flat seats (180°) on the plane that ensure you the utmost comfort
  • The menu is way better when compared to economy – more variety
  • Expect the crockery to be world class too

Having said all that, I’m sure business class is all you’re thinking about now! Don’t be ashamed, it’s normal to want to play with all the buttons on your business class seat, enjoy.

Happy Travels!