Exploring Lisbon

15 October 2013

Lisbon, Portugal’s gorgeous seaside capital is a mecca of amazing experiences.  From medieval  architecture to glorious food to wild nightlife, the abundance of exciting things to do make it a must on any European travel itinerary.  With enduring sunshine and amazingly friendly people, we are going beyond the guidebooks to give you our top picks for things to do in Lisbon.

Historic Sights

You can’t possibly go to Lisbon without seeing some of the city’s incredible historic monuments.  First, visit the iconic seaside Belem Tower.  Built as a fortress to guard the harbour, it is just one of the many UNESCO world heritage sites that decorate the city.  Next, see the intricate architecture of Jeronimos Monastery.   The most impressive symbol of Portugal’s power during the Age of Discovery, its Baroque architecture is renowned the world over.  But perhaps the most incredible sight to behold is the Sao Roque Church.  Home to the world’s most expensive chapel, its plain exterior gives way to opulent reliefs dripping in gold and covered in intricate mosaics.

Portugal Portugal

Relax and Enjoy

Amazing soup, scrumptious pastries and an endless array of sunlit patios make Lisbon a great place to discover some of Portugal’s culinary creations.  Take advantage of the city’s maritime traditions and enjoy dishes of fresh seafood.

From fragrant Paella to succulent grilled prawns, there are so many delicious options.  Even in the heat of summer, the Portuguese love soups.  Served nearly everywhere and at affordable prices, you've got to sample a bowl.  Try Caldo Verde or green soup or sit down to a flavourful Kale soup.  Usually made using lots of fresh vegetables they are as healthy as they are delicious.

Lastly, take some time to and enjoy Lisbon’s sunshine.  Find yourself a quiet pastelaria or pastry shop, order a gorgeous little treat and a nice cup of coffee and relax as the world goes by.

See and Be Seen

If you’re in the city during the summer then you definitely need to take advantage of Lisbon’s incredible beaches.  From the trendy surf beach of Guincho to the hidden gem of Adraga, Portugal’s beaches are known as some of the best in all of Europe.  After a nice day of sand and surf, head out for a fun night out on the town.  Enjoy a freshly mixed Caipirinha in the historic neighbourhood of Barrio Alto.  A relatively deserted area during the day, as night falls throngs of people fill the streets and clubs and bars spring to life, making it the most popular party destination in the city.

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