Exploring East London’s Brick Lane

15 September 2014

Brick Lane is located in the heart of East-London’s Shoreditch, a trendy area renowned for its bustling night life and rich artistic culture. This street is an excellent place to explore the area from and experience what Shoreditch is really about.

Bricklane - Street Art by Fintan Magee Street art piece by Fintan Magee. Photo by Wiehahn Diedericks

Brick Lane, formerly known as Whitechapel lane, used to be nothing more than a dirt road between fields. It got its current name in the 16th century when a cluster of brick and tile manufacturers started popping up, making use of the generous amount of local brick earth deposits.

Today Brick Lane is a magnet for many young Londoners and tourist alike, providing a plethora of attractions all year round. You can visit one of many quality Indian Curry restaurants, most munificently affordable in terms of London prices. If curry isn’t your thing then there are loads of other places to choose from. Just explore the various streets branching off Brick Lane and you will find more than enough restaurants and pubs to visit, including various food stalls selling delicious produce, that randomly pop up every now and then.

Brick Lane is also a hub for creative projects, attracting many artists that showcase their street art or exhibit at one of the many galleries scattered around the area. Because of Shoreditch’s creative nature it is also a popular spot for First Thursdays, a monthly even when lots of new exhibition openings take place on the first Thursday of every month. There is also a wide variety of vintage markets and shops to visit, selling all kinds of items such as clothes, books and cameras

When the suns sets Brick Lane takes on an entirely new form. The streets start to buzz as hundreds of young Londoners flock towards the wide range of pubs and clubs, many of which stay open until the early hours of the morning. Most of these places will provide live bands for the night with the smaller places usually putting on a more laid back acoustic performance.

If you ever make it to London, Brick Lane has to be on the list of the places you need to visit. It is the perfect place to spend the evening shopping and browsing in the vintage markets and then transition into night to enjoy one of the many eateries, pubs or clubs.


Wiehahn Diederichs

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