An Adventure in Egypt

15 February 2018

If the words, exciting, adventure, escape, interesting and fun appeal to you– then our adventure tours to Egypt should be at the top of your holiday planning list.

We’ve put together adventure packages to Egypt that will not only impress and titillate you but also allow you to see Egypt from a completely new perspective. We know that you get a kick out of discovering the world for yourself, so we aim to get you there and simply point you in the direction of everything awesome.

Why Egypt should be on your travel Bucket-list

We wouldn’t normally get excited about history, but when you are talking about Egypt, the overwhelming nature of this country’s history will literally take your breath away. From the Pyramids and the Sphinx to the incredible Nile river – Egypt’s historical significance in the world is not to be taken lightly. You may even find yourself doing some more research on Egypt’s incredible history when you get back home.

Rest assured, however, there is so much more to Egypt than dusty historical buildings and museums. Adventure-seekers, look out because thanks to some amazing shipwrecks and marine life, the Red Sea in Egypt is home to a spectacular underwater world that is just waiting to be discovered. Scuba diving courses are super popular here as well, so if you decide to take on this challenge at the last minute – there is nothing holding you back.

Things to keep in mind


Egypt is in Northern Africa, which means, that it is better known for its scorching desert rather than its tasty dessert options… Which is a shame, because, desserts are usually a crowd favourite… Anyway, that means that heat is something that you’ll need to account for when travelling to Egypt. Take care when it comes to sun protection!

Button up rather than down

Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country; the people are pretty conservative (luckily not quite as strict as in the Gulf states or Saudi Arabia), but you still need to be careful what you wear – especially ladies. Not respecting their cultural norm, may get you unwanted attention and could lead to confrontations you’d definitely rather avoid.

Tour destinations to get excited about

Don’t be in DENIAL, be in THE NILE (or in this case ON the Nile)

A Nile river cruise is absolutely one of the top bucket list items and tour highlights you'll get to experience. Getting on board the ship with its air-conditioned rooms, luxurious bars and restaurants will help to fizzle away any aches and pains from previous days of adventuring and exploration on foot. The views from the cruise are spectacular with the beautiful river causing a stark contrast between the lush green river banks right up against the barren desert.

Tour of Cairo and the Pyramids

A visit to Egypt is incomplete if it does not include a visit to the great pyramids of Giza. These ancient structures have never failed to wow just about every tourist that ever saw them in person. Cairo itself would be your home base at this point and this bustling city with all its markets and bargains will get even the most avid shopper excited.

Chilling in Hurghada

Granted, the words “beautiful beaches” and “Egypt” aren’t often mentioned together, but in fact, this is something that you can look forward to when your adventure in Egypt includes a few days in Hurghada. From strolling on the beach at sunset to visiting the Grand Aquarium – you’re sure to find your happy place in Hurghada.

Why a tour?

A tour is the best way get the most out of your adventure in Egypt. Plus, when you choose to tour with us, you can be sure that you’ll get professional advice and fantastic customer service. Take a look at some of our amazing Egypt Tours – we are excited to help you plan your adventure to Egypt.