Easy Guide to Planning a Trip with Friends

22 March 2019

With so many personalities thrown into one mix, planning a trip with friends can become a bit tricky! Beat the heat of arguments and a disaster vacation by getting the group together, ordering some takeaways and turning an average weeknight into a festive travel frenzy!


The most exciting part of the process! With so many breathtaking places to explore, choosing 1 specific destination can be hard. Start with these questions:

  1. Where do you want to be for the majority of your trip? Sitting on the beach sipping cocktails, touring the exciting sites of a new city, flying down the slopes at a ski resort or hiking through the picturesque mountains.
  2. Which activities are guaranteed to keep the group in good spirits? the adventurers will enjoy exploring while the socialites will want to scout out the hottest drinking holes.
  3. What experience is everyone looking for? some will go for pure relaxation and others will want a full cultural affair.


If you get this essential step in the planning process right, there promises to be no awkward conversations on the other side of the world.  Have a discussion about the following:

  1. What is everyone's general budget when it comes to spending? Are you wanting a luxurious experience or a more authentic budget trip
  2. Options are endless when it comes to accommodation, ranging from 5* hotels to hostels! combining the two or finding a middle ground is a nice way to experience a bit of both.
  3. The cost of flights can be a bit hard to get your head around but when it comes to transport once you've arrived at your destination, you must decide on whether you want to opt for cheaper public transport or private taxis. Don't forget that your feet work perfectly as a free option too.


  1. Agree on an estimated total expense of holiday so everyone has a goal to save towards.
  2. Always book accommodation beforehand in the city that you’re going to arrive in. You can wing it after that! there's just nothing worse than trying to find accommodation after a long flight.
  3. Remember to pack chargers for all your electronics (camera, phones, GoPro) that document your travels!
  4. Tricount & Splitwise are amazing apps to help split bills and keep track of the groups spending.
  5. Colour code luggage tags so all your luggage is grouped together and easier to spot.
  6. Remember earphones and eye masks for when you need to zone out
  7. Chat to one of our travel agents.

Don’t Forget!

  1. Make note of all the ‘must-sees’ at your destination to avoid heading home with FOMO.
  2. Always check the amenities before booking accommodation! No-one would be excited about sharing 1 bathroom between 6 people.
  3. Take full advantage of each individuals travelling style. Let the organisers organise and please let the night owls sleep in late.
  4. Everyone needs their own personal time to plan something to do by yourself as well.
  5. Please don’t get to the airport and have to do a U-turn! Have all your documents required for your chosen country (visas, passport, vaccinations).