Discover Europe by Rail

29 February 2012

I think there's something so romantic about the gentle 'cluck cluck' of a train as it passes over the rails. And with panoramic windows you can enjoy the scenic European and United Kingdom countryside from the comfort of your cabin as your train winds its way through from point to point.

Rail offers great value and flexibility when traversing through Europe and the UK. It is convenient, fast and frequent - three 'must haves' when it comes to getting from A to B on your journey.

Choose from BritRail or EuRail.

Your BritRail pass gives you access to all trains on Great Britain's National Rail Network allowing you to explore destinations throughout England, Scotland and Wales. And you can hop on and off as you wish.

A EuRail pass lets you experience the best of Europe in the comfort of a train that takes you directly to the city centre.

It's easy and relaxed and there is no need to wait at check-ins or buy different tickets for every trip. You can take as many trains as you like and stop anywhere at any time.

Choose from the Global, Select, Regional or Country Pass to best suit you travel needs and your Flight Centre travel consultant can give you top advice to help you make your selection. Call them on 0860 400 747.