Dinokeng | South Africa

30 December 2011

People who live and work in a corporate hub like Johannesburg often feel that they lack the opportunity to go out and explore all the cultural experiences our country has to offer. In reality there are ample opportunities for these individuals to explore new cultural adventures right there in the city, but they are more likely to opt for other destinations.

Dinokeng is the heart of culture and tradition in South Africa and is only a stone’s throw away from Johannesburg. It is rich in fauna, flora and history and is a tourist attraction that every traveller should visit, whether you’re local or international. Here are some things to look forward to when visiting the Dinokeng region;

It is rather close to Cullinan so when visiting the region you are bound to explore the location where the largest diamond was discovered.

Over the last couple of centuries the area has been home to various different cultures, and as so many traditions believe, a piece of your being stays behind in every place you have had the pleasure of residing at. Dinokeng is therefore a pot of history which includes cultures like Tswana, Pedi, Afrikaans, Ndebele, English and Tsonga speaking people. There are also various interesting remains of history like blockhouses, battle sites, cemeteries and forts form the time of the Anglo Boer War.

There are three main dams in the area namely the Mkhombo, Rust de Winter and the Roodeplaat Dam. All these dams especially the latter offer ample opportunity for you to sit back and relax and enjoy a day of pure fun in the sun.

The Sammy Marks Museum is home to some South African historic treasures and is definitely worth visiting.

Wildlife lover are in for a treat as they scope the bushveld landscapes for their favourite predators. Bird lovers are also guaranteed to have the time of their life as the area offers one of the most celebrated bird watching venues in the country.

Whether you’re in to nature, culture, history, adventure, arts and crafts, nurseries or even health and fitness you are bound to be satisfied with what Dinokeng has to offer. This is certainly an all-in-one package that will leave you not only spellbound but relaxed and revitalized. For more information on accommodation on what to expect from the region feel free to contact us at Flight Centre today. Individuals living and working in cities like Johannesburg often feel the need to travel far and wide for a truly relaxing holiday, but now you are blessed with the opportunity where you don’t have to.
Happy Travels!