Delicious destinations for every culinary loving traveller

12 October 2020

Foodie or not, the flavours, textures and aromas of local cuisine are guaranteed to stick in your memory long after you unpack. If you've got a craving for authentic, international cuisine, add these destinations on to your travel wish list for 2020 and beyond. Get ready to take a bite out of the world with these deliciously-memorable culinary experiences:


South Africa

Local is genuinely lekker when it comes to mouth-watering food. From melktert to malva pudding, bobotie to bunny chow and, of course, the ever-popular braaivleis, South Africans are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing their favourite local dish. 

Here's what to eat and where:

· Spicy, sweet and fruity Cape Malay dishes in the Bo Kaap
· Fiery bunny chow in Durban
· Chops off the braai at a shisa nyama in Jozi
· Seafood in Paternoster



Romantically known as the Spice Island, Zanzibar is ideal for a beach escape with a dash of culture and the exotic. The island's visa-free status and direct flights to and from South Africa only adds to the appeal.

Not only will you fall in love with the winding alleyways of Stonetown and the breathtaking architecture, but the food you taste along the way will enchant. If you manage to prise yourself out of your poolside lounger or drag yourself from the lunch buffet, don't miss a spice farm tour.

Try Zanzibar pizza from the famous Forodhani Night Food Market in Stone Town; Biryani, a dish close to the hearts of many a South African; seafood so fresh it practically leapt out of the ocean onto your plate (treat yourself to some lobster – chances are it will be the best you've ever tasted) and more! For something sweet, don't leave without sampling sugar cane juice, spiced with ginger and lime it's incredibly refreshing on those hot and humid days.



The only city in the world to be situated on two continents, its geographic location and former glory as the trading centre of the Middle East has infused the country with a rich cultural heritage.

With both Eastern and Western influences, Turkey's cuisine is as delicious as it is diverse. For more than just a jolt of caffeine, sip rich Turkish coffee, nibble on warm sesame-encrusted simit bread fresh out of the oven, pide (a Turkish pizza of sorts), syrupy Baklava and more.

The ultimate sweet treat is Maraş dondurma – an ice cream served from vendors on the street that's a bit different from what we're used to. Expect a show on the side!



The United Arab Emirates has become a popular destination for all kinds of travellers. Look beyond the iconic skylines, desert and shopping malls, and you will discover that there is so much more to this small country. Whether shopping, theme parks, spicy souks or museums get your heart beating, you can find it all and more in Dubai.

When it comes to out-of-this-world cuisine, you can feast on world-class cuisine at any of the glitzy hotels and restaurants. Or for a more authentic experience head to the souks.

Strong Arabic coffee aside, be sure to try the below culinary treats and experiences:

· Luqaimat (a doughnut meets dumpling), the perfect accompaniment to that intense cup of coffee.
· Camel burgers are becoming increasingly trendy, or for something sweet, camel milk ice cream.
· Chebab (a pancake typically enjoyed at breakfast), filled with sweet date syrup and sour cheese. It's delicious and unique!
· Khubz (traditional Arabic bread). Pick it up at a bakery and enjoy it with fresh hummus.



Arguably South Africans' favourite Indian Ocean island, visa-free and a four-hour flight from Johannesburg, Mauritius has something for every interest and budget.

While you can eat delicious food in Mauritius, from simmering Creole curries to vanilla tea, samosas and more, the ultimate culinary experience of sorts is the liquid variety.

A rum tour is a must in Mauritius. Learn about the history of the island and taste the rather potent yet delicious delights of its most iconic alcoholic export. Walk the sugarcane fields, take an in-depth distillery tour led by a local guide, sample a selection of rums and buy your favourites to take home.



Bring the flavours of your holiday destination home. In Thailand, a cooking class is a must-do for any serious foodie traveller. There are plenty available but don't choose any stock-standard cooking class. Thai cuisine changes dramatically across the different provinces, so prepare to be surprised and try dishes you haven't already come across.

If you're making the journey to the north of the country, away from the typical tourist hustle and bustle, don't leave without finding a cooking class so you can recreate these recipes at home: sticky rice or kôw nêung and Gaang hang-lair, a pork belly curry made with mild spices, garlic, and ginger.

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Did you know 16 October is World Food Day?

World Food Day is an annual day marked around the world on 16 October, when more than 150 participating countries unite to raise awareness around poverty and hunger.

Here are some ways you can support and spread awareness:
· Donate to a hunger-relief organisation.
· Pack a food parcel or donate to a local organisation or school.
· If you know of a family in need, anonymously send them a gift card to your local grocery store.
· Spread awareness by sharing #WorldFoodDay on social media.