Day Trip Your Way Through France

5 March 2018

France is famous for a number of things: from Champagne to the beaches of Normandy, pastries to bubbly, Paris to Nice, there is so much to see, do, taste and try that it feels impossible to cover all the bases in a single trip. Fortunately, if you plan your main adventure around a few day trips, it will feel as though you’re not just having the “best of both worlds”, but rather the best of every world (or at least every bit of France)!

Mont Blanc
How does one appear in three places at once? Simple: visit the Alps. Okay, this is cheating, but a trip to Mont Blanc will treat you to the spectacular views of the Swiss, French and Italian Alps, along with the opportunity to take a little side-trip through the picturesque Swiss town of Geneva (a convenient hour’s drive away from Chamonix). Even without all the other sites included, Mont Blanc is breathtaking on its own as it is the highest mountain not only in the Alps, but in Europe, too. You can enjoy a day’s worth of skiing or at the very least a stunning trip in a cable car which will treat you to panoramic views of the alps.

Whether you’re a history buff or not, a trip to the beaches of Normandy is a highly enriching experience. Home to the greatest invasion of the war and by extension one of the greatest moments in history, Normandy saw over 150,000 Allied troops land on the beaches in what would result in the Allies winning the war. Visit the Caen Memorial and American Cemetery and Memorial at Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer for a truly humbling experience.

Since we have some of the best wine in the world, it might seem pointless to go on a wine-tasting adventure while overseas, but St-Emilion is the exception. Home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites along with the vineyard of Saint-Émilion (one of the most famous vineyards in all of France) you are guaranteed to be met with exceptional views, food and drinks. Even if you’re not someone who drinks alcohol, you can enjoy superb country-style food.

French Riviera
This day trip will treat you to the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of Nice and the French Riviera. The Cours Saleya Flower Market is a delightful experience and will provide you with gorgeous selfies to flood your Instagram feed for months to come, while Le Chateau (Castle Hill) offers the best views in Nice. Given that Nice is a foodie town, The Cours Saleya market which takes place every Saturday is also a must-try, with vivid colours and seductive scents around every turn. A trip to the Port of Antibes is also a breathtaking sight, with the contrast of modern million-dollar yachts against the aging backdrop of Fort Carré, an imposing fortress designed by Louis XIV’s military genius Vauban.

Paris or Champagne (in Style)
Whether you choose to do one or both, we recommend a day trip to either Paris or Champagne in absolute style. When you’re planning your overall trip, put some money aside to ensure that when you visit one of these spots you can go all out, and by that we mean enjoying a Champagne tasting in Champagne, or croissants with a view of the Arche de Triomphe or the Eiffel Tower itself. Live like a high-street Parisian for a day and prioritise your passion for the finer things in life over everything else.

London Day Trip
Surprise! This little day trip is possible thanks to the Eurostar, a quick and comfortable train that will see you arrive at London in two hours and fifteen minutes. The earliest train is usually around 09:00 and will see you arrive in London before 11:00. The last train back to Paris is usually at around 18:00 and will have you back in Paris before 21:30. Since you have to be at the train about a half an hour before boarding, if you plan your day properly you should have about six hours to explore London with enough time left to board your train without hassle.

What are you waiting for? With so much to see and do in France, the only question is not if you’re going, but when you’re going! Contact one of our Travel Experts today and get the ball rolling on your dream trip to France.