Bush Quiz

#Dare2Dream - How well do you know the Bush?

20 April 2020

Let’s get quizzical! Test your knowledge of the bush and outdoor adventures by answering true or false to the following questions:

1) An Elephant has the  longest gestation period of any land animals ?

2) A male Rhinoceros is called a stallion?

3) The Kruger national park stretched close to 200 million hectares?

4) The colour of a lion’s coat varies from region to region

5) The iconic Baobab tree can only be found on the continent of Africa

6) Leopards can see 7 times better in the dark than humans.

7) A buffalo has an extremely bad sense of smell.

8) South Africa has 9 national parks.

9) The ant lion is considered part of the small 5

10) The crocodile river creates a border with the Kruger National Park.


1. True

2. False, its called a Bull

3. True

4. True

5. False (also in Madagascar and Australia)

6. True

7. False, its exceptionally good (much better than its eyesight)

8. False, there are 21 national parks in South Africa

9. True

10. True