Cultural Europe

26 February 2012


From Belgium to Bulgaria and half a world in between, Europe is a conglomerate of diverse nations each as fascinating as the next.


Whether you are after a holiday of fun times in international cities, carefree exploration of cobble-stoned country village lanes or a culturally educational experience, Europe extends its hand and offers you all of the above.


From the soaring peaks of the Alps to the winding waterways of Europe’s beautiful river systems, the continent’s stunning landscapes will have your mouth agape and your camera flashing. For those with a love of history, culture and the arts, a veritable university of learning exists within Europe’s boundaries.

The biggest challenge of a trip to Europe is in choosing where to begin – and then where to end. Take a look at Flight Centre’s Top Ten list for a sprinkling of hints in a world of possibilities.

Experience Italy’s many faces

Much more than a destination, Italy is an experience. Explore romantic Venice, the excavations of Pompeii, Renaissance Florence, Rome the Eternal City and Tuscany’s winding lanes.

Be chic … be French

From quaint mountain villages to Parisian catwalk parades, France has it all. Check out the fashionable boutiques and experience the French way of life, paying special attention to the local cuisine, fine wines and champagne.

Paris, Eiffel Tower

Enjoy a picnic near the Eiffel Tower

Marvel at Greece’s ancient treasures

The supreme symbol of a nation is defined by its history – Greece offers timeless must-sees such as the Acropolis, Knossos, Olympia and Delphi. It is also home to some of the most beautiful islands in the

Go tripping through Turkey

From the splendid Hagia Sophia mosque and the Grand Bazaar of ancient Istanbul, to felucca cruising along the coast, Turkey offers a treasure trove of holiday delights. Visit the battlefields of

Be charmed by Croatia

With a sublime stretch of Adriatic coastline, Croatia is one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. Visitors flock to the blue seas, rolling green hills and Renaissance cities including Dubrovnik, the jewel of the Adriatic.

Coastline of Dubrovnik

The picturesque coastline of Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Baltics

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have had their fair share of upheavals in the past, but they are now ready to showcase their cultural and historical richness, ornate castles and unspoiled nature. The three capital cities of these countries – Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius – have beautiful medieval city centres to explore at your own

Taste the many flavours of Spain

The vibrant culture, lifestyle, history and landscapes of Spain make it a must-see destination. Discover the land of paella, flamenco, sangria and siestas.

 Feel the romance of Austria

Europe’s cultural capital. Wander down medieval alleyways, marvel at majestic architecture, visit Mozart’s home or simply sip some fine Viennese coffee while indulging in a Sachetorte.

Enjoy Belgium’s surprises

Belgium is the catchall of culture, history and architecture. Brussels is a favourite while Antwerp is both the fashion and diamond capital of the region.

Bask in the Budapest sunshine

Budapest is the gateway to Eastern Europe and has a rich artistic and architectural legacy. With the Danube River running through the city, enjoy a meals or drinks on one of the floating restaurants or indulge in some spa therapy at one of the 80 thermal springs.


Indulge in delicious cakes and pastries in Vienna