Cruise Tips

18 September 2012



Never been on a cruise? Or didn’t enjoy your previous cruise?  We’ve put together helpful tips to consider when going a cruise holiday.


1.       Have some local moola


Having local currency at your disposal to use at those small villages helps a lot.  Not every place is set up for credit card payments.



Cruise Holidays

2.       Pack “warmish”


The weather for your chosen destination might be expected to be warm throughout, however you just never know!  Pack at least 2 light sweaters or a shawl to make most of the cruise even when it’s a bit chilly.


3.       Think International Gadgets


Pack an adapter and a multi board plug to allow for all of your different electronics


4.      Be a sport!


Most cruises have certain shore activities planned out; they are there to give your cruise experience that little “oomph” you might miss out on a lot when you do things on your own.


5.       Get out of your comfort zone


Get out of your comfort zone and try something new!  Be it yoga, mini golf or anything else offered on the ship that you’ve never done before.


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