Choose a European Summer over a South African Winter

20 March 2018

Europe is without a doubt one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, and why shouldn’t it be? Not only is it home to some of the world’s most renowned cities, but you will also find hundreds of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, some of the most flavourful (and famous) food, and of course dozens of colourful cultures to acquaint yourself with and learn about. Thanks to the movies, it’s hard to imagine Europe without endless snow and warm cups of hot chocolate, but visiting Europe in the summer time offers a magic of its own: extra hours of daylight! This is especially exciting when you consider how much you can get done with a little bit of extra daylight (and in an exciting new country, no-less). Here are some other reasons to consider travelling to Europe over their summer.

Step into the Light

While there are people who enjoy winter and all that comes with it, such as the fashion, the excuse to eat soup and hearty meals and… ok we’ll admit it, we can’t think of that many more pros about winter, and most will agree it’s no fun leaving for work in the dark or arriving home in the dark. The solution? Firstly: cancel work for a couple of days by taking leave, secondly: make sure that wherever you vacation there aren’t any ridiculously dark mornings or afternoons… so, Europe it is then. Over the course of Europe’s summer, the countries experience delightfully long days, and while it takes some getting used to there’s nothing like the feeling that time has stopped altogether as you walk down a promenade at 7pm and the sun is still shining. You’ll be met with the feeling that each day still has so much more exploring to do (and that’s because it does).

School’s Out

Given the way the school calendar works in most European countries, you will likely find many of the local schools are closed between the months of June and August. This means that the streets are fairly quiet (if you’re so inclined to wake up early and get your day going around the time people normally go to work), and public places such as parks and shopping malls feel delightfully vibrant rather than empty.

Postcard Perfection

Some of the most gorgeous summer destinations are in Europe. Spain, Portugal and the Greek Islands are just some of the locations you’ve likely seen in the backdrop of your favourite music videos or on covers of magazines while you wait at the airport, so when you’re asked to “picture yourself in paradise”, Europe really should come to mind. Given how many countries Europe consists of, you’ll also find that you’re able to see more places than if you opted for a simple island holiday, and travellers can enjoy the best of both worlds as their proximity to the beach means a brilliant beach holiday is guaranteed and so is a great deal of sightseeing (not to mention shopping and trying food from dozens of destinations).

Plan for the Future

Visiting Europe in summer will give you the perfect opportunity to nab some great summer clothes to take home and make all of your friends jealous with. If you arrive towards the end of summer, you’ll be met with the most enviable combination: summer clothes on sale. You’ll be the talk of the town by the time our own summer approaches. As far as your future-travels go, you'll also find Europe offers something not many other destinations do: the opportunity to cross dozens of cities off of your bucket list. Consisting of fifty countries, Europe gives travellers the chance to see and experience dozens of cultures in a single trip (with the help of our Travel Experts, we can guarantee an adventure that sees you visit as many of these destinations as you want).

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