can a meme tell you where to holiday next

Can a meme tell you where to holiday next?

22 August 2018

If you are anything like us, a good old meme makes our day – everyday. From foodies to parties and relaxing days on the beach, let these memes show you where you should go to for your next holiday.

If you are serious about your food!


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Then Europe is probably your best bet, Italy and France particularly has drool worthy food options. Here are some great European tours

If the party scene is all you’re after


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Then Greece might just be your spot!! With a vibrant party scene and nightlife you are sure to find anything from cocktail bars to vibey restaurants and night clubs galore. Find your Greece adventure

If you’re vegan


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Then Thailand or Sri Lanka will work out great for you! They are more inclined to natural food bursting with flavour! Here are some great beach holiday deals.

If you’re a laid back traveler

Then visit simple and easy going Bali – beaches all day

If you are planning a Girls breakway!


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You should definitely consider a sailing trip - safe, easy and laid back for ultimate fun! Here are some dealsto get you started.

There you have it, a couple of suggestions for your travel destination. Head on over to see our other magnificent travel deals or contact one of our skilled travel experts today!