Budget-friendly holiday in Sri Lanka

Budget-friendly holiday in Sri Lanka

21 September 2017

Why Sri Lanka should be on your Bucket List

Sri Lanka is a traveller’s dream. Thanks to the short distances between attractions, travellers can see anything from timeless ruins and endless beaches to markets and natural wonders, allowing tourists to see and do more in a shorter period of time than in most countries. Sri Lanka is also home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and boasts legendary temples and colonial fortresses. Thanks to its diverse landscape, there’s also the pleasure of having a beach holiday or a rainforest adventure, depending on your mood. You can also take one of the most beautiful train rides in the world from Badulla to Haputale and it costs a mere 80LKR (Sri Lankan Rupees), which is less than R7 per person - now that's value!

If you travel for cultural experiences

Few things are as humbling as nature, and the sight of hundreds of elephants gathering is one of the most breathtaking views you will behold. With the majority of Sri Lankans identifying as Theravada Buddhists (who have always admired elephants as symbols of mental strength), elephants form a huge part of Sri Lankan culture. Ancient sites and temples show off what the influence of more than 2000 years of culture looks like, with beautiful details and architecture in even the more simple spots, while museums are reminders of how far Sri Lanka has come. Trains, tuktuks and colourful buses will also give you a taste for Sri Lanka’s vibrant culture and a sense of how helpful and welcoming its people are.

Don’t miss…

The entrance fee to the Colombo National Museum is about 600LKR per person (±R52), and is the more famous of two museums in Colombo; tours of this museum will leave guests feeling like Sri Lankan general knowledge experts, and boasts one of the country's largest museum collections on display. Fort Old District will excite history buffs who will have the opportunity to visit the beautifully renovated Dutch Hospital, along with the gorgeous Clock Tower, and adventure-seekers can enjoy a hike to Lipton’s Seat for less than R5. Travellers who enjoy diving will be thrilled to find out that Weligama Bay Dive Centre offers two dives, equipment, water and fresh fruit for as little as R800 per person, which is some of the most affordable diving in the world.

What to eat

Food in Sri Lanka is delicious and cheap, with meals costing an average of 100-250LKR per person (R8-21). Roti, rice and curries are the usual orders for the day, but there are dozens upon dozens of other dishes and flavour combinations to try. You simply cannot leave Sri Lanka without trying dosa (a crispy, buttery type of pancake) and all of the delicious fillings that accompany it. If you’re after some refreshment, fruit juice is also widely available and a 1.5L bottle of water shouldn’t cost more than 70-80LKR (R6-7), while the wide selection of teas will ensure that you can try something new every day.

With so much to see and do, travellers will leave Sri Lanka feeling enriched by their cultural experience and all the beauty they were able to encounter… with wallets that leave feeling just as happy as they are!

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