The Best Views to Wake up to in SA

28 June 2018

When it comes to being one of the most beautiful places in the world, South Africa has made countless lists, and with good reason. Whether you want to wake up to endless blue seas, white sandy beaches, rolling hills or lush vegetation, there is a spot in South Africa waiting to be woken up to.

The Midlands

You are guaranteed to be met with incredible views almost anywhere in the Midlands. Not only do almost all resorts and hotels feature wide plots of land with plenty of space to go for leisurely walks, romantic strolls and even some exciting horse-riding, but the rolling hills also make for scenery that seems to come straight out of a children’s book. Green grass covers the hillside and cows seem to be grazing in almost every direction. There are also some friendly zebra and other game that can often be seen strolling through the grounds of whichever resort you have decided to stay at.


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The Umhlanga Lighthouse
- This gorgeous spot has become an icon for the Durban coastline and has served as the perfect backdrop to many an Instagram photo (and even postcards, when those were still popular). Well known by Durbanites and local travellers alike, if you snap one picture in front of this lighthouse your friends will instantly be jealous because they’ll know exactly where you are! This gorgeous structure has been around since 1954.

Zimbali Resort - Zimbali offers you the very best of Durban, serving crisp views of its lush coastal vegetation and the delightfully tempting Indian Ocean that beckons from a distance. Watch schools of dolphins as they frolic in the waves, enjoy the sights and sounds of over 200 species of birds, and witness indigenous wildlife all from the balcony or veranda of your room.


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    Cape Town
    Table Mountain - It might seem like an obvious choice, but Table Mountain is a must when it comes to the incredible views of Cape Town, whether you’re waking up to it or viewing the rest of Cape Town from the top of it. One of the seven natural wonders of the world, Table Mountain is the perfect spot for hikes, picnics, climbing and abseiling. Waking up to this view and the knowledge of all the adventures it offers is a sure way to start your day on an exciting note.

    Boulder Beach - One word: penguins. The only place in the world where you can get close to African Penguins. These little guys are sure crowd-pleasers and, as with almost anything in Cape Town, make for the perfect backdrop to any picture. If you can’t spot these unconventional citizens from the room of your hotel, the giant boulders, azure ocean waters and white sandy beaches will still prove to be an incredible sight to wake up to.

    • Mpumalanga

      If we’re being honest, more often than not, a view in Mpumalanga consists of nothing more than thick vegetation typical of the bushveld—tall, yellow grass; dry trees and thick, dark leaves… but stop for a minute, close your eyes, and listen: soon enough your senses will be overwhelmed and you’ll be able to picture all that lies beyond, whether it’s the hornbills as they tap the day away, elephants trumpeting in the distance, or even the water of a river flowing nearby. A small, guided venture into the bush will treat you to sights that you will surely dream of, and in a sense wake up to, too.


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      Southeast of Cape Town, Hermanus is almost too good to be true. Surrounded by nature reserves and deep blue waters, it looks as though it should belong to a National Geographic catalogue of exotic places you’re more likely to dream of than experience in real life. However gorgeous the terrain is, Hermanus is speckled with rocky outcrops to add some edginess to the land, and features a combination of thick greenery and delightful hills and cliffs. Once you’ve woken up and taken in the view, take a drive down Rotary Way and stop at the various lookout points to soak up views that stretch from Sandbaai to Klein River Valley.


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