Be My Guest and come travel with Trafalgar

28 March 2017

Be My Guest and come travel with Trafalgar

No need to peak through the windows to see how the ‘other half’ lives. You’re invited and welcomed to the hearth and home of families all over the world when you travel with Trafalgar and are treated to their Be My Guest experiences. From tapas lunches on the Spanish slopes of Monserrat to authentic Aussie ‘Barbies’ in the Outback, Be My Guest scratches under the surface and reveals stories you’ll be recounting at dinner parties for years to come.

Here are some our favourites:

Can you say kaiseki?
Visit a traditional Japanese Ryokan home near Kyoto on the slopes of Mt. Yoshida, which was built for the uncle of the current Emperor Akihito. Learn about local Japanese customs while exploring its beautifully manicured gardens and enjoying a fabulous kaiseki lunch with the landlady of the villa who also serves a seasonal Waka poem handwritten in calligraphy for each guest with a message expressing her gratitude.

Amish for an afternoon 
Travel back to a simpler time, where buggies rattled along peaceful country lanes and windmills dotted the farm landscape. Oh hang on… they still do in the land of the Amish! Enjoy lunch with three generations of an Amish family who treat guests to homemade Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. But it’s the Amish children who are the stars of the show regaling guests with stories of what it’s really like to live Amish.

It’s the Schieszl
The Schieszl family’s tale is both hair-raising and heart-warming and guests will get to hear it over hearty Hungarian fare. Their winery once doubled as a hiding place during WWII for a Jewish friend who hid in a giant wine barrel fleeing Nazi persecution. After the War the family was forced to leave their home and winery behind in a hurry, but their Jewish friend used his law expertise and contacts to help them return to Hungary and buy back their treasured home.

Time to dream
Join Aunty Beryl, an Aboriginal elder who lives in Sydney to learn about the living wisdom and practical relevance of her ancestor’s Dreamtime Blueprint, and the tangible ways in which the Dreamtime still influences and shapes individuals and their collective belonging to Australia today.

Foot-tapping Highland beats
Meet Fergus and Gregor, true Highland farmers who have a passion of traditional music and are not afraid to share their foot-tapping tunes with guests visiting their Ledard Farm in Loch Ard. Learn all about Rob Roy and the weapons of the Highlands clan followed by a home-cooked Scottish dinner – an unforgettable experience enjoyed against the backdrop of bagpipes.

Now that we’ve let you in on a few My Guest experiences, don’t you think it’s time you discovered it all for yourself? Contact your Flight Centre Consultant today to find out more!

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