Australia | Brisbane | Couran Cove Island

20 January 2012

February 2011 marked my first ever overseas trip and the chosen destination was Brisbane, Australia.  Didn't know what to expect, my team leader at the time & I were ever so excited.  She was not new to the international travel scene, I however, I felt like a tiny fish in a big pond.  No doubt she was my shepherd!

Bags packed, camera fully charged, butterflies in my stomach, yes I was ready! The flight was long, however with all the excitement I got over it in a moment.

Brisbane | Australia

My first impression of Australia was?  “Wow this is a very clean country!” Considering that the country had been flooded not so long ago, it looked pretty good.  Everyone in Australia, Brisbane to be specific seemed rather laid back and very casual, I liked that about the place.

My visit to Australia didn’t just end in Brisbane; we later went to Couran Cove Island.  What a beautiful and peaceful place and the best part of my trip.

Couran Cove Island | Australia

To get to Couran Cove we took a ferry from the Couran Cove Island Resort Ferry Terminal, which is about a 40 min drive from town.  The ferry ride is an estimated 30 minutes – the scenery from the ferry terminal to the island is breathtaking, especially during the sunset.

Couran Cove is divided into two, the Nature Resort and the Marine Resort.  The Nature resort is located within the Bankasia forest.  It’s perfect for that “hideaway” weekend.  Each cabin is fully fitted with gas burner stoves, microwave and fridge.

Couran Cove Island | Marine Resort

The Marine Resort offer the option of waterfront views and brings you up close & personal with Kangaroo’s in the area.  Same as the Nature Resort, they are fully fitted with kitchen amenities.

I love every moment spent there – not to mention the activities we took part and more.  That’s a blog post for another day!

Happy Travels!