Adventure Aplenty in New Zealand

31 January 2012

It is said by some that Queenstown, New Zealand is the  ‘Adventure Capital of the World’.  I'm not totally convinced but there are a number of awesome adrenalin-stirring, sanity-reducing exploits to enjoy there. Here are a few:


Step out of the door of a perfectly safe aircraft and plummet towards the ground at 200kph. No experience necessary, just lots of sensory overload.


Fly by Wire

Fire up the engine, punch in the throttle and go from standstill to 171kph in a matter of seconds. Suspended from an overhead suspension point, the fully tethered ultra light plane allows you to control a high- speed five-minute flight anywhere within a deep canyon.


Shotover Canyon Swing

Jump from a cliff-top mounted platform 109m above the spectacular Shotover River, then freefall 60m before ropes (attached to a body harness) smoothly swing you into a giant arc of 200m at speeds of up 150kph.


Bungy jump

For the ultimate challenge head to Kawarau Bridge, home to the world's first and most famous of leaps: 43m above the Kawarau River. The only Bungy in Queenstown where you can choose to bob above the water, touch it or get fully immersed.


River surfing

Run rapids, surf standing waves, squirt underwater and ride whirlpools. Bodyboard down the 7.9km long 'Dogleg' section of NZ's longest grade 4 whitewater rapid for the ultimate adventure.

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