A to Z of Honeymoons - Part Two

5 April 2012

Did anyone out there get to the recent Wedding Expo at the Northgate Dome? It was quite good and I came back with a truck load of brochures and contacts for dresses, photographers, cakes, decor and car hire.

But it was lacking in one item in particular - the Honeymoon. So we're back with part two of our series on planning a really memorable honeymoon. In this edition we'll look at G to M:

G= Good budgeting
No one wants to start their married life with a huge debt hovering over their heads. That’s why it’s a good idea to decide on a budget and stick to it. Flight Centre travel consultants have a range of options in their honeymoon arsenal. Always take into account that unless you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, you will need to factor in daily costs such as service fees, tips, restaurants and shopping trips into your budget.

H = Haggling
Make a point of visiting the markets wherever you are travelling to and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the country you are. In the markets of the Far East, Middle East and most of Africa you can haggle or barter with the store keeper for your goods. The general rule is to offer half of the price suggested and work your way to a happy medium from there.

Sailing Croatia

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I = Immunizations
Certain destinations will require proof of immunisation for certain endemic diseases such as yellow fever and typhoid. It is highly advisable to visit a travel clinic before you travel to check which immunisations (if any) are needed and to get expert advice on the health recommendations for your destination.

J = Journal
Keep a journal of your honeymoon to remind you of your beginnings. Keep your ticket stubs, swizzle sticks from the bar, take loads of photos and any sort of memento to build your journal. You’ll enjoy looking at it from time to time to relive the memories of your honeymoon.

K = Kitting yourself out
The secret to getting the most out of your clothing is to have multi-purpose, wrinkle resistant wardrobe. Decide on a colour scheme that is neutral and take along a couple of pashminas and funky jewellery to change the look. Keep your inner Imelda Marcos at home and take a maximum of three pairs of shoes with you. Shoes add weight to your luggage. The ubiquitous LBD will do for special dinners and if you’re heading to a beach then sarongs, t-shirts, flops and a bikini is what you’ll be living in.


Dine in the Dunes of Dubai

L = Lists
Research shows that the item most left behind is the humble toothbrush. Make a list and set aside plenty of time to pack your bits and bobs. Buying forgotten items while on honeymoon will inevitably cost more so don’t waste precious honeymoon budget on this – plan your packing.

M= Money
Once you have your travel documents you can purchase your foreign exchange. Depending on where you’re travelling to US dollars and Euros are tops but you should also take along a Visa or MasterCard credit card. Make sure you let your bank know you are travelling and arrange for an increase in your limit if necessary. You should be able to use your credit cards to draw cash from ATM’s.