Things to do in the Midlands

Things to do in the Midlands

25 July 2017

The KZN Midlands stretch from the sleepy city of Pietermaritzburg out towards the spectacular Drakensberg mountain range. With lush green hills, flowing rivers, and a charismatic charm, the KZN midlands have loads to offer the whole family. So take a look at these 7 attractions you need to visit when exploring the Midlands.

Nelson Mandela capture site

After a short drive from Howick, you will arrive at the iconic place of Nelson Mandela’s capture in 1962, along an unassuming stretch of the R103. Today you will find a museum, as well as the famous intricately designed steel sculpture. At first they look like a collection of steel poles and don’t seem to resemble much. However, when standing and looking at the sculpture at the correct angle, the face of the legendary Nelson Mandela comes into focus. There is also a conference centre, curio shops, a Café which has a full menu, and a swimming pool.

Cheese tasting

The Swissland Cheesery is a definite must when visiting the midlands. Situatedon the R103 as you head north from Howick, the Swissland Cheesery offers idyllic rolling lawns for a picnic, while the shop provides delicious and fresh goats cheese products like their award winning St Maure, Chevre, Drakensberg and more.

Nottingham Road

A quaint little town in the midlands that should be on everyone’s itinerary that visits this beautiful part of KZN is Nottingham Road. Stop for a drink at the Nottingham Road hotel and hear about the lady ghost who haunts the establishment. You’ll definitely want to visit the famous Nottingham Road Brewery, the Linga Lapa farm stall, and Blueberry Hill. The small town boasts a lot of interesting, taverns, bars, restaurants, antique shops and curio stores, so there is definitely plenty to see and do.

Howick Falls

Howick Falls is a fun attraction to visit and has a number of restaurants & curio stalls that are definitely worth visiting. Naturally, the main attraction is the 95 meter waterfall that cascades over cliffs into a pool of water, which according to Zulu legend is the home of a giant snake like creature called the Inkanyamba.

Visit the Peels Honey Shop

A trip to the KZN Midlands would be incomplete without stopping off at the Peel’s Honey shop near Midmar dam. The midlands experience offers its visitors fresh and healthy local produce, and Peel’s Honey is basically as South African as Aromat and Black Cat Peanut Butter. So, make sure you get a bottle of their famous creamed honey and peanut brittle.

Butterflies for Africa

The Butterflies for Africa Centre in Pietermaritzburg is loads of fun for the whole family. Not only has it got a walk through tropical butterfly house which is home to local and international butterfly species, but there is also an art gallery, coffee shop and a theme store to peruse. Guides are available for the butterfly house, which offers a tranquil walk through a beautiful garden as thousands of butterflies hover and fly around you.

Karkloof Canopy Tours

Forget Google Maps! If you want to take in the surrounding scenery of the Karkloof Valley, you need to hook up to a zip line and feel the freedom as you soar through the trees and admire the views for miles around. A Canopy tour is ideal for anyone aged 7 to 70 and beyond. It’s a safe and thrilling adventure as you zip between each of the sturdy platforms and explore the valley, forest, and waterfalls from above.

From trout fishing to curios shopping, art galleries, hikes, museums, cultural and wildlife experiences, if you haven’t experienced the Midlands, you’re definitely missing out. So speak to your Flight Centre Consultant today to find out more about our accommodation and local holiday deals in the KZN Midlands.