7 ways Airlines are making it easier to fall asleep on a plane

7 ways Airlines are making it easier to fall asleep on a plane

10 March 2017

Unless you were flying business or first class, there wasn’t much reason for you to expect a reasonable night’s sleep on a long haul flight. Things are changing though, as many airlines are introducing a variety of additions which will make your next flight pass by like a dream. From improved bedding to flat-bed seats, it won’t be long before an uncomfortable economy class flight becomes a thing of the past.  

Improved bedding

Many airlines are making small changes to improve the comfort of their economy class. Things like soft duvets and standard pillows that can convert into neck pillows are becoming more and more common on the larger airlines. Another very small, but welcoming addition, is sleeping masks with, ‘’Do not disturb,’’ and, ‘’wake for meals,’’ written on them.  

More relaxed lighting 

Airlines are starting to focus more on the interior lighting of their planes, especially on the bigger longer-haul flights. Some of the larger Boeings have implemented led lighting on the ceilings of the planes to make them feel bigger and more spacious. Others employ a sky blue light for day flights and a soft sunset colour which is used for night flights. It’s all about making the atmosphere of the plane more relaxed and calming for the passengers.

Calming in-flite entertainment

If you’re in economy class and would like to get a little shut-eye, take a deeper look atg the in-flight entertainment and you will find a number of items that will help you to slip into dreamland. From insightful audio books to calming music and meditation programmes, there is something soothing for you to listen to while you shut your eyes and blissfully drift off.

Improved leg room

Whether it’s a restructuring of the economy class seats, or simple changes to the seats themselves, airlines are focussing their efforts on providing more legroom. This allows us to stretch out a little more and adds a little extra comfort.

Economy flat beds

Air New Zealand recently introduced lie flat beds in their economy class. What this means is that the space between your seat and the seat in front of you can be converted into a bed. It’s possible to pay normal price for two seats and book the third one at half price. So if there are two of you, you basically have a bed to sleep on for the duration of your flight.

Improved air quality

The larger airlines are implementing new air filtration systems, which eradicate more bacteria, viruses and odours. Some regulate the air cabin pressure at 6000ft instead of the usual 7000ft, which makes the air less dry and easier to breathe.

Improved economy class seats

Keep your eyes open for the airlines that have adapted their economy class seating for additional comfort. Some offer more recline, magazine racks at the top of the seats, foot rests that stretch out in front of you and more.

The days of sleepless overnight flights are swiftly coming to an end, even for economy class passengers. With all of these improvements happening in airlines across the globe, you can rest easy and wake up at your destination ready to go. Speak to your Flight Centre Consultant today to enquire about economy class flight deals and more!