6 Reasons to choose a Cruise for your Honeymoon

26 January 2018

Picking a destination for your honeymoon is enough to give any newlywed couple cold feet; which is why you should consider taking a cruise holiday. Cruises make excellent honeymoons because they combine complete relaxation with world travel. Forget a holiday on land; here are 6 reasons to consider a cruise for your honeymoon.

1. Travel stress-free

Planning a wedding is no easy task. It involves hundreds of important decisions and can put even the coolest cat under a lot of stress. When it’s over, you and your partner deserve a relaxing holiday that is hassle-free, and riddled with romance. A cruise holiday allows you to see the world from the comfort of a luxurious stateroom, or while kicking back at the pool. In other words, you can cover plenty of ground for a fraction of the usual price and without the usual stress. You’ll also be spared the headache of trying to figure out the logistics of the same trip on land. No missed flights, early mornings or traversing train stations – a cruise is world travel with a sea backdrop.

2. It’s a Mobile Hotel

What other holiday gives you the freedom to see and experience different cities, all from one place? Travel from Venice to Mykonos and Corfu to Dubrovnik without packing a bag or leaving your room. A cruise ship is a floating hotel of delight where you can see the world from your private balcony. Order room service, open the balcony door and enjoy being alone with your partner in complete luxury. You’ll soon see the next destination on the horizon.

3. All-inclusive

Most cruise packages will include meals, entertainment and a number of other surprises which allows you to enjoy the experience without taking out your wallet. There’s no need to stress about where you’ll eat, what you’ll have or if you’ll get a reservation. It’s all included in your package. Enjoy a romantic meal at a five-star restaurant or taste a buffet of culinary pleasures from all over the world, during one meal! Afterwards, you can head to one of the trendy bars or jazz clubs and wind down in style. A cruise is several vacations in one.

4. You can switch off – literally.

While you may be tempted to upload your honeymoon snaps to Instagram; it can wait until you get home. A cruise is the perfect way to unplug from all screens and give your partner your undivided attention for the duration of your trip.

5. Date Night Sorted

From comedy shows and couple’s cooking classes, to dancing and theatre; a cruise ship gives you a huge host of date night ideas. Every ship will have its own offerings but you can expect anything from magic shows and dancing lessons to movies on the big screen. There are a million fun things to do together and it’s all included in the price.

6. Engineered for Romance

Did someone say, “Couple’s massage”? Cruise ships are geared towards making you feel special on your honeymoon. It’s the little touches such as a welcoming bottle of champagne, a Jacuzzi bath tub or a romantic meal on your private balcony. A couple’s massage alone can be a rejuvenating and fun experience to share with your partner. It’s the quintessential honeymoon activity!

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