6 Must-see spots in South America

17 May 2018

With a whopping 12 countries on one continent, it’s no surprise that South America is packed with awesome things to see and do. Not sure where to start? Check out these top 6 sites to see on your epic holiday in South America!

1. Machu Picchu, Peru

Shrouded in clouds atop the lofty Andes Mountains, Machu Picchu is a breath-taking reminder of the sophisticated Incan culture that once lived here. Wander across expertly terraced lawns where friendly llamas graze on lush green lawns. Explore 15th-century ruins decorated with ancient carvings. Then take the steep climb up Huanya Picchu for sweeping views over the lost city of the Incas.

2. The Salt Flats of Uyuni, Bolivia

The vast, white plains of this salty desert are where photographic masterpieces are made. During the rainy season, a reflective layer of water covers the flats to create a mind-bending illusion of the earth meeting the sky. Take a trip out to the train cemetery to check out the old rusty remains of antique railway machinery. Dare to undress in the bitter cold and take a dip in the heavenly hot springs. Then spend the night in the famous Luna Salada Hotel made entirely out of blocks of salt!

3. Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, this extraordinary water phenomenon consist of 275 waterfalls all rushing and tumbling together over a span of 2.7km. The tallest of these waterfalls, Devil's Throat, drops over 80m - that's almost twice the height of Niagara Falls! The mists that are churned up at the bottom of the falls are said to contain invigorating negative ions that create an instant happiness boost. It's impossible not to be impressed by this incredible wonder of nature.

4. Torres del Paine, Chile

This one’s for the hikers. This vast national park in Patagonia is famous for its towering glaciers, turquoise lagoons, tumbling waterfalls and forests. Hike the French Valley with jaw-dropping views of the sprawling mountain range. Watch as giant hunks of ice calve off from Grey Glacier. Then wake up at dawn and watch the three impressive rocky towers light up in shades of red and gold.

5. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Just moments after arriving in the lush Galapagos Islands, you’ll easily see why it’s considered one of the world’s most impressive destinations for wildlife viewing. The island is so diverse, it’s actually what inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. In fact, you’ll see rare species of animals here that don’t exist anywhere else in the world! Thinks turquoise oceans teeming with marine life. Volcanic lava tunnels. Giant tortoises. Incredible birdlife. And so much more.

6. The Amazon Rainforest

The amazing Amazon doesn’t need much introduction. This huge expanse of jungle is world-famous for its wealth of wildlife, natural beauty, mythical folklore and, of course, the mighty Amazon River itself. Spanning across 6 countries (Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia) there are endless ways to get into and explore this fascinating landscape. Paddle along the river in a canoe. Sway in a hammock with the raucous sounds of howler monkeys as your lullaby. Spot capybaras on the water’s edge and keep an eye out for hungry caimen in the water. This is nature, up close and personal.

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