50 things to do worldwide

13 April 2012

I really didn’t want to start this post with the clichéd line “life is short” – but uhm, life is too short so best you make time to add some exciting travel adventures to it.  Just to start you off, I’ve put together what I consider 50 awesome things to do worldwide.  Here it goes – in no specific order

  1. Hike up Table Mountain (Cape Town, South Africa)
  2. Watch the New York Giants tackle other teams at the Super Bowl
  3. Walk the Great Wall in China
  4. Visit Petra in Jordan
  5. Travel to outer space
  6. Bungee jump in Queenstown, New Zealand
  7. Dance in Rio at the Rio Carnival
  8. Take the London Underground
  9. Sip on African Beer (Umqomboti) in South Africa
  10. Watch the world cup live in the country that’s hosting
  11. Get a Thai massage in Thailand
  12. Float around the Dead Sea in Jordan
  13. Go to the Okotberfest and eat pork knuckles
  14. Learn to speak a foreign language at a foreign country
  15. Dance Tango in Argentina
  16. Watch your favourite artist perform abroad
  17. Stand at the South or North Pole
  18. Go sky diving
  19. Go on a safari in Kenya
  20. Shower in a waterfall
  21. See the Great Sphinx of Giza
  22. Visit Machu Picchu
  23. See the Seven Wonders of the World
  24. Cruise the Caribbean
  25. Celebrate New Years at Times Square in New York
  26. See the Taj Mahal and do the “Taj Mahal” dance
  27. Go volcano boarding in Nicaragua
  28. Ride Insanity at the USA
  29. Free dive at Dean’s Blue Hole at the Bahamas
  30. Go Zorbing!
  31. Dine in the Sky
  32. Go ice swimming in Finland
  33. Do the death drop in Zambia
  34. Sit on a jury
  35. Write a book about your travels
  36. Learn the Haka in New Zealand
  37. Go to a nude beach in Mexico
  38. Eat a few bugs in Thailand
  39. Swim with a dolphin
  40. Be a member of the audience in a TV show
  41. Send a message in a bottle whilst overseas, with the hopes that you’ll get the bottle years late at Camps Bay in Cape Town
  42. Hitchhike all the way across the country
  43. Attend a fashion in Milan
  44. Go on a hot air balloon
  45. Drive a Ferrari
  46. Go on the Blue Train
  47. Party in Las Vegas
  48. Try to sell ice to an Eskimo
  49. Go in the Bermuda Triangle
  50. Travel the world in 80 days.